Student Associated Council – Summary

The presiding body of the Associated Students of Sacramento City College (ASSCC) is known as the Student Associated Council (SAC). SAC consists of students elected or appointed to positions that serve to represent and advocate on behalf of the student body at large.

If you are interested in joining the Student Association, including the Clubs and Events Board and the Student Senate, please click on the below documents for appointment information and forms.

What is Student Associated Council?

Student Associated Council Officers

July 2018 – June 2019

Clubs and Events Board

Sabrina Edward

Vice President
Open for Appointment

Open for Appointment

Tellous “T” Sudds

Secretary of Equity and Diversity
Open for Appointment

Equity of Public Relations
Open for Appointment

Secretary of Technology
Joe Sanchez


Project Coordinators
Noble Bravo

Student Senate

Kimberly Ramos

Vice President
Chidi Omeze

President Pro Tempore
Geovani Felgueres

Mary Ann Josol

Allison Stewart

Secretary of Legislative Affairs
Myles Cobb

Secretary of Public Relations
Tanish Jindal

Secretary of Technology
Open for Appointment

Secretary of Sustainability
Isabella-Marie Engel

Marlena Ainsworth

Irma Gonzalez 

Priscilla Gonzalez

Alfonso Jimenez

Mary-Ann Myers

Christian Pattee

Omar Rincon

Annie Thurman

Randee Jones