11/12/13 SLO Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Sacramento City College

SLO Subcommittee of Academic Senate

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Chair:  Maria Regalado


Present: Josh Roberts


Discussion/Feedback to the Academic Senate on the District 2013 Function Map Document:                               

  • A discussion was held regarding the District 2013 Function Map and the following changes were recommended by the SLO subcommittee of the Academic Senate:


Standard I: Institutional Mission and Effectiveness


B. Improving Institutional Effectiveness: # 2 and #3 should be the primary (rather than shared)       responsibility of each college in the district in the following manner:


2. The individual colleges in the district set different goals according to each college’s individual needs. When each college sets goals to improve its effectiveness, this is purely that college’s creation. Creation of each college’s goals happens at the college level and is not a shared responsibility between the colleges or the district. For example, different colleges set different institutional student learning outcome goals even though all are in the same district.


3. Each individual institution (college) is responsible for assessing progress toward achieving its stated goals and makes decisions regarding the improvement of its institutional effectiveness. This is done by each individual college and is not a process that is shared with other colleges in the district or with the district office. For example, student learning outcomes are assessed differently at each of the colleges in the district. Each college is responsible for its own assessment processes.


  • In the committee’s opinion, all of the other items in the document are appropriately designated.


Proposed Senate-led SLO Advisory Committee update:

  • The charge and composition of the new Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (SLOAC) was reviewed.
  • A January Flex Week activity was proposed during which a SLOAC planning session for the 2014 spring semester would be held.
  • It was decided that Maria will meet with Mary Turner for further discussion of administrative support for a SLOAC flex activity in January.
  • A possible meeting time of 3:00–4:00 PM on Thursdays was discussed for SLOAC as a time that would be least likely to conflict with other campus-wide committee and department meeting times.
  • The meeting time and day for SLOAC will be discussed further once the committee membership is further established.


New SLO Webpage update:

  • Maria gave a report regarding the status of the new SLO webpage
  • Maria will be meeting with Don Button for further support in creating and moving content to the new website.

SLO Assessment Reporting Computer Program Update

  • A discussion was held regarding the preferred functions of a student learning outcomes assessment reporting computer program.
  • Josh suggested that further discussion be held with IT personnel regarding the possibility of future District Office Socrates involvement with the proposed SCC SLO assessment reporting computer program—this will make a difference as to which functions the SCC SLO computer program should have.
  • Maria will discuss future possibilities of district-wide merging of SLO assessment reporting with Elaine Ader’s office to see if this needs to be taken into consideration when choosing or developing the new SLO assessment reporting computer program.





Upcoming FLEX Activities and Meetings:

  • FLEX Activity: SLO Resource Clinic for All-Thursday, January 16th from 9-10.  Location: TBA
  • FLEX Activity: SLOAC Planning Meeting-Thursday, January 16th from 10-11.  Location: TBA

Future Agenda Items:

  • ISLO proposal progress
  • Accreditation update
  • SLO assessment reporting computer program update
  • SLO webpage update
  • Update on planned SLOAC activities for the spring semester
  • Progress on changes to the Departmental SLO Assessment Multi-year Plan form
  • Other items?


To place items on future agendas, email Maria Regalado at regalam@scc.losrios.edu.