12/10/13 SLO Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Sacramento City College

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Chair:  Maria Regalado

Present: Marybeth Buechner, Stuart Graybill, Patricia Harris, Rick Woodmansee


Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (SLOAC) membership update and discussion of regular meeting time and day for the 2014 spring semester:                            

  • An update was given regarding the membership of the SLOAC and its charge. The committee reviewed the charge of the SLOAC and its projected composition. An update was given regarding the membership of the committee thus far.
  • Maria suggested that one way to execute the charge of the committee (facilitate discipline, division, and college-wide discussions on the development and implementation of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment) might be to assign each committee member to a division to which he or she would provide focused support in SLO assessment reporting.
  • The role of Student Learning Outcome Assessment reporters for each department, a system for SLO assessment reporting that has recently been developed by the Department Chairs Council, was discussed. It was suggested that each department SLO reporter be encouraged to work closely in SLO assessment reporting with the SLOAC committee member who is assigned to that division in the near future.
  • A discussion was held regarding a regular meeting time and day for the 2014 spring semester. The difficulty of this task due to time conflicts with teaching, administrative, classified, and other committee meeting schedules was noted. Rick suggested that a regular meeting time and day be set nonetheless with the expectation that committee members would eventually mold their schedules to fit the chosen time and day.
  • Maria volunteered to send out a poll to committee members asking for preferences on the time and day of future SLOAC committee meetings

Discussion of Thursday, January 16th Flex Week activities for the SLOAC:

  • Two January, 2014, Flex Week activities were discussed. The first activity would be an introduction to SLO assessment reporting during which SLOAC members would be present to discuss and assist with SLO course and program assessment reporting.  The second activity would be a SLOAC planning session for the 2014 spring semester during which members would discuss and form a plan of campus wide support for all persons involved in Student Learning Outcomes assessment reporting.
  • The question was raised whether the first activity should be modified to include more advanced information and support for faculty, administrators, and staff who are already familiar with SLO assessment reporting rather than remain an introduction to SLO assessment reporting. The committee agreed that it should remain an introduction since many who are expected to participate in SLO assessment reporting are not yet familiar with the processes.


SLO assessment reporting computer program update:

  • A discussion was held regarding the preferred functions of a student learning outcomes assessment reporting computer program.
  • Rick and Stuart raised the question whether a computer program to report SLO assessments would be beneficial due to the complexity of the reporting of course program student learning outcomes. It was questioned whether a computer program would fully capture all the elements of the reports as well as the mapping of course student learning outcomes to program student learning outcomes and finally to institutional and general student learning outcomes. It was suggested that further discussion be held on this matter before moving forward with the creation and implementation of a SLO assessment reporting computer program.


Institutional Learning Outcomes revision proposal update:

  • Maria reported that the ISLO revision proposal was back to first reading status at the academic senate due to lack of information during the second reading regarding the reasons for the revisions.
  • Marybeth volunteered to reiterate the justifications for the revisions at the next academic senate meeting where the proposal would be read again.
  • Maria volunteered to request a first reading of the proposal at the academic senate at the beginning of the 2014 spring semester.
  • Marybeth provided a full analysis of CCSSE items used to assess General Education SLOs. She stated that, because GELOs are a major part of our Institutional SLOs, this is also an assessment of ISLOs. The committee asked Marybeth to present this information during the first reading of the ISLO revision proposal as support for the proposed revision.




Upcoming SLOAC Meetings and SLO FLEX Activities:

  • SLOAC meeting: February 13th from 1-2. Location TBA
  • FLEX Activity: SLO assessment reporting workshop on February 20th from 12-1. Location: TBA
  • SLOAC meeting: February 27th from 12-1.  Location: TBA
  • Joint meeting of SLOAC and Department Chairs Council: March 6th from 12-1.  Location: TBA

Future Agenda Items:

  • Program SLO reporting processes
  • ISLO proposal progress
  • Accreditation update
  • SLO assessment reporting computer program update
  • SLO webpage update
  • Update on planned SLOAC activities for the spring semester
  • Other items?


To place items on future agendas, email Maria Regalado at regalam@scc.losrios.edu.