3/13/14 SLO Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Sacramento City College

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Chair:  Maria Regalado


Present: Marybeth Buechner, Jarom Burbano, Patricia Harris, Norman Lorenz, Josh Roberts, Rick Woodmansee, Jonathan Zeh


Guest: Elaine Ader


1. Announcements

  • A SLOAC FLEX workshop from 12-1 on March 20 was announced. The facilitators of the workshop will be offering individual support with any SLO assessment reporting issues presented by those attending the workshop. All SLOAC members were encouraged to attend.


2. Discussion of SLO assessment reporting workshops for Fall 2014 was held. Some ideas offered were:

  • How to track competencies with D2L – Daniel & Norman
  • IGPC SLO’s workshop – Rick & Josh
  • Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Institutional
    • General
    • Program
    • Course
  • You’re the SLO Reporter, What Do You Do? – Rick


3. Discussion of the
planned SLO assessment reporting computer program facilitated by Elaine Ader and Jarom Burbano:

  • Jarom and Elaine facilitated a discussion using the SLO Requirements document (attached) as a guide.
  • The objective of the program is to track the assessment results of the course SLOs including type of assessment method, time that assessment was done, whether the assessment results were for one or more sections of the course, and the instructor’s rating of the extent to which the SLO was achieved by students; map course SLOs to designated program SLOs; integrate instructional and student services SLOs at the GELO level to allow for mapping onto ISLOs; make reports available that demonstrate the achievement of course and program SLOs, indicate what course and program SLOs are being reported on.
  • Several data elements to be tracked by the program were discussed (please see the Requirements Statement)
  • Another function discussed was the mapping of course SLO assessment to program SLO assessment to general education and institutional SLO assessment.


4. Remaining elements to be discussed at the next SLOAC meeting:

  • Whether one single SLO assessment reporter for each department will be entering pre-calculated data gathered from each instructor for each course SLO assessed or whether each instructor will be entering their own data for their own courses.
  • If one single SLO reporter will be entering the data, will that reporter develop an evaluation rating offline for all sections of a course being assessed?
  • If each instructor will be entering the data for their own sections of a course, how will a summary assessment for each SLO be calculated?
  • For mapping course SLO assessment results to ProLO assessment results, the issue to be discussed is the mapping of multiple course SLO assessment results to multiple ProLOs.
  • Multiple courses often assess the same program learning outcome. How will this be entered in the computer program?
  • Multiple courses often assess multiple program learning outcomes. How will this be entered in the program?
  • One course often assesses multiple program learning outcomes. How will this be entered in the program?



Upcoming SLOAC Meetings and SLO FLEX Activities:

  • SLOAC meeting: March 27th from 12-1.  Location: LRC 105
  • SLOAC meeting: April 10th from 1-2.  Location: BUS 107
  • SLOAC meeting: April 24th from 12-1.  Location: LHS 173
  • SLOAC meeting: May 8th from 1-2.  Location: BUS 107




Future Agenda Items:

  • Update on Program SLO reporting issues
  • ISLO proposal progress
  • SLO assessment reporting computer program development
  • SLO webpage update
  • Continued plan of support for SLO assessment reporting
  • Fall 2014 Flex SLO Assessment Reporting Workshops
  • Demonstrations of SLO assessment reporting resources
  • Other items?


To place items on future agendas, email Maria Regalado at regalam@scc.losrios.edu.