Program Learning Outcomes (ProLOs)

Program Learning Outcome Resources

The ProLO development guide and accompanying resources are designed to support program learning outcome development from the ground up.

These materials were used starting in Spring, 2006 in voluntary department-level workshops facilitated by liaisons from the SLO advisory group.  Since then, updates and additional materials and workshops have continued to be developed and facilitated by the current SLO Assessment Committee (SLOAC) to serve as resources for curriculum developers that bring programs through the curriculum process.

For more information contact one of the SLOAC members or Gayle Pitman (ext. 2154;

ProLO development

ProLO Matrix Template (XLS)  – Curriculum development resource

Instructions for ProLO Development (PDF) – Curriculum development resource

Guide for ProLO Development (PDF) – A resource compiled by the SCC SLO advisory group on recommended steps and resources for Program Learning Outcome development

Additional Resources

Examples from CSUS Communication Majors

SLO Assessment Committee (SLOAC) – List of  SLO Assessment Committee (SLOAC) members who have volunteered to provide ProLO development support for departments that are coming up for program review.