SLO Assessment Committee (SLOAC)

The Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (SLOAC) of the SCC Academic Senate is actively engaged in supporting SLO assessment efforts across all areas of the college.

SLOAC Committee Members

Faculty Chair – SLO Coordinator (or designee by Academic Senate)

  • Gayle Pitman


  • Diane Belair (CSS)
  • Kim Beyrer (CSS)
  • Karen Parks (BCIS)
  • Pamela Posz (LR)
  • Rick Woodmansee (MSE)

Staff Development Coordinator

  • Norman Lorenz

Distance Ed Coordinator

  • Kandace Knudson


  • Linda Delgadillo (Equity and Student Success)


  • Marybeth Buechner
  • Robin Ikegami
  • Carl Sjovold
  • Molly Springer


  • not filled


  • not filled

Student Services

  • not filled


  • Marybeth Buechner

Committee Charge and Composition

(Approved by the Academic Senate 11/5/2013)


While maintaining the values of shared governance and academic freedom, the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (SLOAC) exists to facilitate discipline, division, and college-wide discussions on the development and implementation of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment. The SLOAC will recognize and support development of student learning assessment materials and reports that directly assess course, program, service, and institutional student learning outcomes to provide high-quality education for our students and ensure compliance with education policy and accreditation standards.


The Academic Senate President will appoint members to the SLOAC as follows:

  • Faculty Chair – SLO Coordinator (or designee by Academic Senate)
  • Faculty (20) – two from each division
  • Staff Development Coordinator (1)*
  • Distance Ed Coordinator (1)*
  • Classified (5) – based on recommendation of Classified Senate President
  • Administration (3) – based on recommendation of Senior Leadership Team Chair/President
  • Student (2) – based on recommendation of Student Senate President

In addition, there may be an additional 3 to 5 faculty, with at most one additional administrator and at most one additional classified staff representing the following areas:

  • Curriculum (1)**
  • Student Services (3)**
  • PRIE (1)**

*May simultaneously fulfill faculty representation

**May simultaneously fulfill faculty, classified, or administrative representation

Please contact Gayle Pittman,, 916-558-2154, if you are interested in finding out more about the committee or are interested in joining the committee.

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