Enforcing the Standard

All faculty, staff and students have a collective responsibility to promote the safety and health of the campus community.

Smoking, Vaping and Tobacco Use

Individuals who violate the Smoke/Tobacco/Vape Free standard will likely do so because they are unaware of it. Therefore, the first level of enforcement action is to respectfully inform the individual about the standard and ask them politely to comply. The success of this standard depends upon the thoughtfulness, consideration, and cooperation of smokers and nonsmokers alike.

How to Approach Someone Violating the Standard

Respectfully approach the individual and inform them that the Environmental Standard applies to all campus properties as well as all staff, faculty, students, visitors, and guests. All parties are required to follow it, and violations may lead to disciplinary action. Then ask them politely to comply.

Non-compliance and Repeat Offenders

Through the authority provided in Los Rios Regulation 2441, the college reserves the right to initiate disciplinary procedures for repeated violations of the standard. Visitors to campus may be asked to leave.

Enforcement of the standard is an ongoing and evolving process, one that will need to adapt to support the efforts of creating a smoke/Tobacco/Vape Free campus.

Questions and Concerns

For questions or concerns regarding the smoke/vape/tobacco free environmental standard, contact Campus Police at 916-558-2221 and choose 4 for Sacramento City College.