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Sacramento City College

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Services & Programs

Career Center

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Condom Connection

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Counseling Facebook

Cultural Awareness Center

Cultural Awareness Center Facebook

Honors Program

Honors Program Facebook


Library Facebook  Library Twitter  Library YouTube channel  Library WordPress blog


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RISE Instagram

Sac City Express Newspaper

Sac City Express Facebook  Sac City Express Twitter  Sac City Express Instagram

Student Leadership and Development

Student Leadership and Development Facebook  Student Leadership and Development Twitter

Transfer Center

Transfer Center Facebook

Veteran’s Resource Center

Veteran’s Resource Center Facebook

Writing Center

Writing Center Facebook

Work Experience and Internships (WEXP)

Work Experience and Internships Facebook


Davis Center

Davis Center Facebook  Davis Center Twitter  Davis Center Instagram

West Sacramento Center

West Sacramento Center Facebook  West Sacramento Center Twitter


Business and Computer Information Science

Business and Computer Information Science Twitter

Bus/CIS: City Business Center

City Business Center Facebook



Aeronautics Facebook  Aeronautics Facebook group


Anthropology Facebook


Geology Facebook

Graphic Communication

Graphic Communication Facebook

Library and Information Technology Program

Library and Information Technology Facebook


Music on Facebook

Music: Recording Arts Group

Music: Recording Arts Group Facebook group

Music: Vocal / Choirs

Music: Vocal / Choirs Facebook  Music: Vocal / Choirs Twitter Music: Vocal / Choirs YouTube channel Music: Vocal / Choirs SoundCloud

Photography Department

Photography Department Facebook group  Photography Department Instagram

Theatre Arts: City Theatre

Theatre Arts: City Theatre Facebook

Theatre Arts: Shakespeare Festival

Theatre Arts: Shakespeare Festival Facebook

Theatre Arts: Storytime Theatre

Theatre Arts: Storytime Theatre Facebook

Faculty and Courses

Randy Allen’s Photography Courses

Photo 350 – Photojournalism

Randy Allen's Photography 350 Facebook group

Photo 380 – Multimedia Capture I

Randy Allen's Photography 380 Facebook group

Jessica Coppola’s Nutrition Courses

Jessica Coppola's Nutrition Courses Twitter  Jessica Coppola's Nutrition Courses YouTube channel

Tanya Rodriguez’s Philosophy Courses

Thinking Beings

Tanya Rodriguez's Philosophy Courses Facebook  Tanya Rodriguez's Thinking Beings WordPress blog

The Just Society

Tanya Rodriguez's The Just Society WordPress blog


Panthers Athletics

Panthers Athletics Facebook


Baseball Facebook  Baseball Twitter  Baseball Instagram

Women’s Basketball

Women's Basketball Facebook

Men’s Basketball

Men's Basketball Facebook

Cross Country

Cross Country Facebook


Football Facebook

Women’s Soccer

Women's Soccer Facebook


Softball Facebook


Swimming Facebook

Women’s Volleyball

Women's Volleyball Facebook

Women’s Water Polo

Women's Water Polo Facebook


Wrestling Facebook

Student/Alumni Clubs and Organizations

Allied Dental Health Alumni Association

Allied Dental Health Alumni Association Facebook group

Anthropology Club

Anthropology Club Facebook group

Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club Facebook group Chemistry Club Instagram

Feminists Club

Feminists Club Facebook group

Phi Theta Kappa – Beta Eta Psi

Phi Theta Kappa - Beta Eta Psi Facebook

Psychology Club

Psychology Club Facebook group

Puente Project / Club

Puente Project Facebook

Secular Student Alliance

Secular Student Alliance Facebook  Secular Student Alliance Facebook group

Web Professionals Club

Web Professionals Club Facebook