“Sociologists do not seek to simply study the world… rather, we seek to change it.”

At Sacramento City College the Sociology Department’s mission is to provide a high quality, intellectually rigorous and hands-on education.

The Sociology Department’s Program of Study includes:

  • Community Services (with emphasis in Direct Services), AA Degree and Certificate of Achievement
  • Intercultural Studies, AA Degree
  • Interdisciplinary Studies, AA Degree
  • Sociology, AA Degree

In addition, the Sociology Department is home to the Sacramento City College Service Learning Program.

  • The Service-Learning Program gives students an opportunity to link a course with community service to foster civic and societal involvement.

Sociology Programs of Study

  • Sociology Department Image of a group of smiling volunteers with a donation box.

    Community Studies Program

    The Community Studies (with emphasis in Direct Services) degree and certificate are considered applied sociology programs.

    Sociological theory and perspectives provide the foundation for students to work as paraprofessionals at… MORE >>

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    Intercultural Studies

    Associate in Arts Degree
    Program Information
    The Intercultural Studies Associate in Arts degree prepares students for careers in which they will interact with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. The… MORE >>

  • Sociology Department Image of an Instructor writing on the classroom white board.

    Interdisciplinary Studies: Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Associate in Arts Degree
    Program Information

    The Interdisciplinary Studies degree is designed for students who seek a greater understanding of disciplines within the social and behavioral sciences. This program is a… MORE >>

  • Sociology Department Image of students having a group interaction.

    Sociology Program

    The Sociology Associate in Arts degrees are designed to prepare students for further study in Sociology leading to the BA, MA, MSW and/or Ph.D. degrees. Sociologists with graduate degrees… MORE >>

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    Participation in campus and community volunteer projects, as a part of regular course work, serves to make learning more direct and relevant, builds students’ leadership and organizational skills, and… MORE >>