Participation in campus and community volunteer projects, as a part of regular course work, serves to make learning more direct and relevant, builds students’ leadership and organizational skills, and promotes civic engagement and community building.

Sacramento City College is incorporating service learning into more and more courses and is creating campus and community partnerships to enhance student learning.

Service Learning projects have included web and brochure design for community agencies, partnerships with social services, school-aged mentoring and transitional housing programs.

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Interdisciplinary Studies Courses to Accompany the Service-Learning Program

We are currently unable to offer these classes to accompany the Service Learning Option:

There are two one-unit (1 unit) Service-Learning courses that can be added only to specific classes that will be designated in the Schedule of Classes. Students must be co-enrolled in a designated service learning course, and the prerequisites of that course must be met. Consultation with the instructor is required prior to enrollment and will generally take place during the first week of class.

The courses are designed to provide students with civic activities related to their coursework and will allow students to take an experiential approach to learning practical applications of course concepts. They can be added to existing classes in a variety of disciplines.