Oral Histories

Richard Pierucci

Richard PierucciRichard (Dick) Pierucci was a legendary coach and leader at Sacramento City College.  According to The Express newspaper, (September 12, 1991 edition) Pierucci came to City College in 1947 to get his two-year degree before moving on to CSUS to complete his master’s degree in physical education.  Pierucci returned to City College in 1960 as physical education teacher and coach for every sport imaginable: football, baseball, wrestling, golf and track!  Pierucci stated in the article, “My personality is that whatever the activity I’m in, I enjoy it.”  Under the leadership of Pierucci the SCC baseball team won the Big Eight Championship in 1961.  In 1962, the football team also won the Big 8 title under Pierucci’s coaching.  In 1962 Pierucci became the athletic director and by 1977 he was promoted to dean of the Physical Education Department.  Pierucci retired in 1993 and was known as a strong, dedicated, loyal and charismatic leader.  Pierucci passed away in 2016 and will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and SCC.