Staff Resource Center for Professional Development

The SCC Staff Resource Center offers the following resources for Professional Development (PD):

Travel Funding

All SCC employees are eligible to receive up to $500 each fiscal year in Conference, Workshop, & Travel (CWT) funding. Classified professionals who are members of the LRCEA are also eligible to receive up to $1000 in additional funding per fiscal year.

Conference, workshop, and travel (CWT) funds are available yet limited. Please read the CWT guidelines (found in Travel Forms & Guidelines below) then complete and submit all necessary forms to the Staff Resource Center.

    • Any employee may apply for funds.
    • All costs will be covered in full, including registration, transportation and meal costs, up to the limit of $500 for staff development funding (for all employees) and $1,000 for LRCEA funding (form LRCEA members, subject to approval by LRCEA subcommittee).
    • No funding will be given for membership fees or incidentals such as parking fees and bridge tolls.
    • Funds are limited and will be allocated on a first come — first funded basis.
    • Funding allocations are subject to District travel policy and/or IRS regulations.
    • Funding may also be available from your Division, Perkins, or other college funding sources.
    • If you do not allow up to eight weeks for the paperwork process, you might not receive a cash advance or registration pre-payment.

    • Complete and sign all three “official forms” (listed below).
    • Print all “supporting documents” (listed below)
    • Have your unit manager or supervisor complete (sign) the bottom of all three forms.
      • If your unit manager does not approve your funding request, you will not receive funding.

Official Forms

Supporting Documents

  • Travel (One of the following):
    • Airfare receipt and/or confirmation number
    • Driving directions with number of miles
    • 2019 Mileage Rate Memo is $0.580 (58.0¢) as of January 1, 2019.
    • Mode of public transit receipt and/ or confirmation
    • Or projected loss of travel
  • Workshop/ Conference:
    • Registration confirmation (Receipt, conf. number, screen shot, etc.)
    • Proof of conference relevance (Description of workshop, schedule, conference website, etc.)
  • Lodging:
    • Receipt (with dates)
    • Confirmation number
    • Website page, if needed

Submit your three official forms and supporting documentation to the Staff Resource Center, LRC 106, at least four weeks prior to your travel date for in-state travel (or neighboring states) and eight weeks prior for out-of-state travel. See flow charts (below) for processing flow information.

You must submit a Conference, Workshop and Travel Report to the Staff Resource Center within 30 days after the event. You may be asked to make a campus presentation.

Applicants who have not filed reports for funded activities will receive low- priority for funding for subsequent funding requests.

    • All reservations for conferences, hotels, air travel, etc. are your responsibility.
    • Carpool if possible. District vehicles may be available to qualified drivers. Contact Campus Operations for information.
    • Incomplete applications will not be funded.
    • If you receive funding and need to cancel your participation, please immediately inform the Staff Resource Center.

For more information, email or call The Staff Resource Center, 916-558-2176.

Activity Support

Need Our Support?

Don’t Need Our Support?

Please inform us as far in advance as possible if you are planning a PD activity to ensure:

  • avoid double-scheduling: minimized concurrent event scheduling (maximizing accessibility/attendance for all SCC events, including your event).
  • flex credit: events that are flex credit eligible receive flex credit and proper records are kept.
  • calendar inclusion: all appropriate events are added to the Faculty & Staff calendar.
  • we can help your attendees: the SRC can answer attendee questions about your event.

Email us at

The SRC provides logistical support for PD events, including:

Facility support includes (four-week prior notice):

  • Room reservation & set-up
  • Computer access
  • Media Carts
  • PA Systems, microphones
  • Audio/Video (set-up, clicker, web cam/mic)

Materials & Other Support (one-week prior notice):

  • Materials
    • Colored Pencils
    • Crayons
    • Markers
    • Flip Pad Paper
    • Printed handouts
    • Tape (clear, masking, gaffers)
    • Easels (for flip pads)
    • Other materials upon request (two-week prior notice)
  • Support for guests
    • Parking pass
    • Wi-Fi access

Please submit a PD Proposal / Request Form for assistance with PD event logistics, marketing/communication, and development support!

The SRC provides marketing and communication support for PD events and resources, including:

  • marketing via the SCC Website (Faculty & Staff Calendar, PD Weekly Update Blog, etc.) and working closely with the SCC Public Information Office.
  • setting up and facilitating event registration.
  • serving as an information resource for SCC Employees regarding PD events. 
  • adding PD handouts, videos, and other digital resources to the SCC PD Database for employee access.

Please submit a PD Proposal / Request Form for assistance with PD event logistics, marketing/communication, and development support!

The SRC also provides assistance in designing and development of PD events and resources, including assessment of PD needs, development of content, identification of target audience(s), facilitation (find facilitators and/or facilitate) of events, and assessment of appropriate event format, day/time (in the context of all other PD and college events), materials needed, etc. Please contact us if you would like assistance developing an event or if you have suggestions about PD needs.

Please submit a PD Proposal / Request Form for assistance with PD event logistics, marketing/communication, and development support!

Please submit request early in your planning process (at least four weeks prior to event date, if possible), to ensure full SRC support and to ensure minimized concurrent event scheduling (maximizing accessibility/attendance for all SCC events.