August 25, 2014 – Fall – Professional Development Activities


Convocation Highlights from Chancellor King and President Jeffery:

Chancellor King’s Address on the “Road Ahead”

President Jeffery’s Convocation Address – Fall 2014


Book Recommendations:

“Think Like a Freak”

“Turning Adversity into Opportunity” by Kouzes & Posner

Book reviews will be offered later in the semester!


Organization Highlights:

Civitas Learning

“HSI”- Hispanic Serving Institutions

“AANAPISI”- Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institutions


Los Rios Employee Satisfaction Survey Results

Los Rios Employee Satisfaction Survey


Los Rios’ participation in the White House Summit For Community Colleges

Improving College Opportunity


Sacramento City College Student Success

Teaching, Learning, and Service

Charette Guides:

The SCC Teaching, Learning, and Service Guide (Spring 2014 Charette)

The SCC Teaching, Learning, and Service Guide (Summer 2014 Charette)


The Early Alert Referral System

SARS Alert Reporting

(This is a referral system for students needing assistance beyond the scope of the classroom. There will be a workshop on this system September 9th)


The Chronicle for Higher Education

Community-College Association Issues Guide to Transform the Sector

A Shooting in a St. Louis Suburb Reverberates on Campuses Near and Far

Faculty Focus

 A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: Raising, Communicating, and Enforcing Expectations in Online Courses

Inside Higher Education

Reengineering Retention


Teach the Key Ingredients for Leadership Success

How To Diversity Your Life

New York Times

How to Get Kids to Class: To Keep Poor Students in School, Provide Social Services (Please note: SCC provides a yellow booklet called “Community Resources”. They are located throughout the campus. For more information concerning the contents, contact the CalWorks office or Ramona Cobian at

Sacramento Bee

California weighs community college baccalaureates to close degree gap

Los Rios Student Success Update

A Los Rios Student Success Spring News Update, Keeping you informed: A new Los Rios Student Success newsletter


The RP Group

Student Support (Re)defined, Spring 2014



Why Lunch Ladies are Heroes

Talks for foodies



Hard Joys and Energy Zones

August 25, 2014

The art of communication is the language of leadership.
-James Humes

Sometimes a student’s difficulties will be expressed in a physical release of tension.  There are those student’s who may also express a verbal defense. These expressions may be observed as ‘energy zones.’  Recognizing these energy zone opens the door to creative problem solving by redirecting the energy. Strategic communication tools can be implemented that lead to critical thinking and decision making by helping to turn negative feelings into positive ones.

If you allow your mind to wander through the energy zones, many creative, even fun, solutions begin to emerge. Instead of getting into a battle of words perhaps a solution could be to relate the information to the content of the course. Then we can calmly find a solution to this problem. The student who has so much energy may not rest in a desk for an entire class period. Therefore, she/he might respond to an alternative delivery type such as the “flipped model” as one example. Offering student’s time at a task to get their emotional energy under control can be more positive and meaningful than pursing only the content alone.  It also offers the facilitator of learning, insight about the ‘energy zone’ and ideas for sharing the control of the learning environment when you are not present. These are true leadership values that promote greater skills of effective communication across the learning spectrum.



Norman Lorenz, Ed.D.,

Faculty Coordinator, Staff Resource Center