Professional Development Activities SCC Spring 2019- May 6-12

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Dear Sacramento City College Colleagues:

Here are this week’s professional development programming, resources, and main/cultural awareness center events.

Professional Development Activities SCC Spring 2019- May 6-12
– SCC Mindfulness Community, Karen Tercho
– SmartTxt Program, sponsored by DSPS, Toni Newman
-Helping Students Cope with Stress, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks, sponsored by the Village Hub, Sandra Belmares

Main Events

Cultural Awareness Center Events


Video of the Week

Tom Cappelletti


Sacramento City College: Making a Makerspace

Congratulations to Sacramento City College and students for the dedication it took to “Imagine, Design, & Create”.

Article of the Week

NBC News

Need a college degree to get a job? These companies say skills matter more

A growing movement, including employers and training groups, is focusing on workers’ skills rather than their level of education.


Acheiving the Dream logo

Learn how to deploy OER strategically within your college’s faculty development center.

Connect your college’s student success strategy to impactful, sustainable OER project plans. With this integrated approach, you will create an actionable institutional project plan focused on:

  • Assessing Your College’s OER Readiness
  • Using OER to Transform Teaching & Learning
  • Components of a Successful OER Project
  • Designing for Sustainability

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Quote of the week

Teaching Across Cultural Strengths: A Guide to Balancing Integrated and Individuated Cultural Frameworks in College Teaching

Daily Introspections

Looking Outward: Learning Culturally About Students

“Knowing students more deeply and culturally as faculty is helpful to understanding students and their learning. It is also helpful for gaining a better sense of how students experience our communications and teaching practices. The following are a variety of introspection techniques to assist with developing a deeper understanding of students and the cultural influences on their behavior, interpretations, and learning.

Observe and Ask

To learn about students’ cultural influences, it can be helpful to both observe them and ask them directly about what you observe. Observe some specific student behavior in classes or as manifested through assignments; then ask individual students how they go about studying, completing assignments, and preparing for and taking tests. Probe gently for explanations about how this is helpful to their learning or where they learned to do things the way they do. In our studies of students that informed the Cultural Frameworks in Teaching and Learning model, we asked students to describe the process they use when they really need or want to learn something. Observing and asking can be especially helpful when applied over time to students from a variety of cultures. The action of observing and inquiring often leads to surprises about what we assume about students. Sometimes we learn that what we thought we knew about students is not the case, but sometimes it is. Usually we learn about the variety of ways students learn.”

The Center for Urban Education, Classroom Observation Tool

Chávez, Alicia Fedelina. Teaching Across Cultural Strengths: A Guide to Balancing Integrated and Individuated Cultural Frameworks in College Teaching (Kindle Location 2945). Stylus Publishing. Kindle Edition.

For a full span of events and activities this week, continue scrolling! Have a great week.


Norman Lorenz, Coordinator, Staff Resource Center for Professional Development & Education Leadership, SRCPD

Kimberly McDaniel, Associate Vice President, Equity and Student Services

Tyler Wyckoff, SRCPD, Assistant

Working Together, Pursuing Excellence and Inspiring Achievement!



Professional Development College Wide and Online

The week of May 06, 2019

The week of May 13, 2019

The week of May 20, 2019

Final Exam Schedule

Fall 2019 Professional Development and Convocation

The Week of August 19-23, coming soon!


Community of Care, Student Intervention:

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”
– Anthony J. D’Angelo

As colleagues, getting to the know the students are one of the most valuable measurements to success. The Community of Care provides timely intervention for those experiencing academic or personal difficulties. Any member of the community can make a referral.

We provide strategies and resources on- and off-campus to help students succeed at Sacramento City College.

The program is just another example of how Sacramento City College cares and supports its students. By using a case management model, Care Team members are able to work with students individually to personalize interventions that assist the student in overcoming the barriers preventing their success.

To advocate and make a student referral click on Community of Care.



Center for Urban Education

Feature: How Implicit Bias Creates Racial Inequity

Embedding equity-mindedness and race consciousness in institutional planning

SEPIs (Student Equity Planning Institutes)

  • Community Colleges are required to develop an equity plan based on the newly established “Student Equity and Achievement Program” due on June 30, 2019.
  • Institute will provide practitioners with support, resources, and tools to use the equity planning process as an opportunity to address racial inequity.
  • Explore how the “equity plan” itself and the process of data inquiry, goal setting, activity building, and funding allocation can all work towards mitigating racial equity gaps.

The Center for Urban Education, Classroom Observation Tool


The Chronicle of Higher Education

A Transgender Student Lost His ROTC Scholarship and Made Headlines. But the Defense Department Says Gender Has Nothing to Do With It.

Days after the Pentagon began carrying out its new policy barring transgender people from serving in the military, a transgender student at the University of Texas at Austin lost a scholarship he had received from the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps.

Attention Sacramento City College Library Users!

Your SCC Library has current issues of The Chronicle of Higher Education on the shelves.  Find the journal in the Periodicals section on the second floor of the Library.  Librarians will also email* selected articles to you at your request. Contact a Librarian – chat, email, or phone.

*via Library access to the digital edition


Faculty Focus

3 Cool Tech Tools to Consider for the Digital Classroom

It is imperative that educators find new ways to incorporate technology to stay current. This can be done by considering tools and applications that will not only enhance a students’ educational experience but also support teaching and learning.


Inside Higher Education

Educators from the university and elsewhere consider whether innovation is still possible in liberal arts education.



Cornerstone Learning

Professional Development Online

Build a culture of learning and development with the best LMS for employee learning and development. For more information about professional development using Cornerstone, see the California Community College Chancellor’s Office website, Vision Resource Center.

Here’s a list of the recent information:

Learn about the core concepts that are driving our system
– *NEW* Corequisite Support in California’s Community Colleges
– Pursuing the Vision for Success
– Introduction to Guided Pathways

Collecting Student Voices for Guided Pathways
– Improving Equity in Campus Hiring
– Dual Enrollment

Connect in communities to access resources, ask questions, and share ideas
– Vision for Success & Local Goal Alignment
– Guided Pathways
– Student Centered Funding Formula

To read the full posts, log in using your Vision Resource Center username and password, and click on Browse for Training.


California Community College Chancellors Office

NEW! Drill down for demographics, financial aid and disadvantaged populations identified as First Generation, Foster Youth, Disabled, and Veterans and more. 

Student Success Metrics Dashboard


TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

Elif Shafak

The Revolutionary power of diverse thought

“From populist demagogues, we will learn the indispensability of democracy,” says novelist Elif Shafak. “From isolationists, we will learn the need for global solidarity. And from tribalists, we will learn the beauty of cosmopolitanism.” A native of Turkey, Shafak has experienced firsthand the devastation that a loss of diversity can bring — and she knows the revolutionary power of plurality in response to authoritarianism. In this passionate, personal talk, she reminds us that there are no binaries, in politics, emotions and our identities. “One should never, ever remain silent for fear of complexity,” Shafak says.

These TED Talks advocate for creating bridges of compassion and understanding.

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