Professional Development Activities SCC Fall 2019- Professional Development September 30- October 6

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Dear Sacramento City College Colleagues:

Greetings SCC colleagues!

This week of September 30-October 6, professional development ranges across Distance Education and Instructional Development related to the learning management system and accessibility. See the calendar of events below.


Quote of the week

From a new book

Building Equity

School Equity

Physical Integration. Equitable schools are diverse ones, and they value their students’ differences and unique experiences with the world. In Chapter 1, we focus on integration efforts and broaden the lens from a focus on race and ethnicity to include class, gender, language, ability, religion, and sexual orientation.”

“The Equity Taxonomy”

by Dominique Smith, Nancy E. Frey, Ian Pumpian and Douglas E. Fisher

See the SCC Equity Framework for more information

Main Events


Professional Development

The week of September 30- October 06, 2019

The week of October 07-13, 2019

The week of October 14-20, 2019

Oct 18
Oct 18
Oct 18

When to Call a Union Rep (LRCFT Event)

Fri., Oct. 18 at 12:00pm - 1:30pm

The week of October 21-27, 2019


Videos of the Week

 Muthoni Drummer Queen

Muthoni Drummer Queen’s thought-provoking music fuses traditional African drum patterns with modern styles like hip-hop, reggae and blues.

Why you should listen

Muthoni Drummer Queen is the founder of two festivals in East Africa: Blankets & Wine, a platform for emerging and established “alternative” Kenyan and African artists that has since expanded to franchises in Uganda and Rwanda; and Africa Nouveau, an annual music and arts festival gathering creators, curators and fans of “African cool.”

Creativity Builds Nations

In a hopeful talk followed by an empowering performance, musician and TED Fellow Muthoni Drummer Queen shares how industries like music, film and fashion provide a platform for Africans to broadcast their rich and diverse talents — and explains how the shared experience of creativity can replace attitudes of exclusionism and othering with acceptance and self-love.

Articles of the Week

Inside Higher Education

Technology and Learning

Arguing For and Against ‘The Meritocracy Trap’

A highly positive review of a book that made me think, and left me deeply unpersuaded.


Center for Urban Education

Campus Spaces Equity Observation

The Center for Urban Education, Classroom Observation Tool\

Classroom Engagement Observation

Syllabus Review Protocol

Web Scan Protocol


The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Community-College Application: 7 Ways to Improve Your Odds

The faculty job market is just as brutal lately at community colleges as it is in any other sector of academe. As I often tell graduate students and new Ph.D.s interested in applying to a two-year campus: Getting hired here isn’t necessarily easier — it’s just different.

Attention Sacramento City College Library Users!

Your SCC Library has current issues of The Chronicle of Higher Education on the shelves.  Find the journal in the Periodicals section on the second floor of the Library.  Librarians will also email* selected articles to you at your request. Contact a Librarian – chat, email, or phone.

*via Library access to the digital edition



Cornerstone Learning

Professional Development Online

Build a culture of learning and development with the best LMS for employee learning and development. For more information about professional development using Cornerstone, see the California Community College Chancellor’s Office website, Vision Resource Center.

Here’s a list of the recent information:

Learn about the core concepts that are driving our system
– *NEW* Corequisite Support in California’s Community Colleges
– Pursuing the Vision for Success
– Introduction to Guided Pathways

Collecting Student Voices for Guided Pathways
– Improving Equity in Campus Hiring
– Dual Enrollment

Connect in communities to access resources, ask questions, and share ideas
– Vision for Success & Local Goal Alignment
– Guided Pathways
– Student Centered Funding Formula

To read the full posts, log in using your Vision Resource Center username and password, and click onBrowse for Training.


Have a great week.


Debra Crumpton, Dawna DeMartini, Adam Freas, Jesus Limon Guzman, Norman Lorenz, Coordinators, Staff Resource Center for Professional Development & Education Leadership, SRCPD

Kimberly McDaniel, Associate Vice President, Enrollment and Student Services

Tyler Wyckoff, SRCPD, Assistant

Working Together, Pursuing Excellence and Inspiring Achievement!