Convocation Fall 2018

Los Rios Chancellor’s Newsletter, August 2018

Dear Los Rios Colleagues,

As always, it was my pleasure to join you all last week to help kick off the fall semester at Convocation. It is always invigorating to spend time at all four of our colleges in the same day and be reminded of the collective commitment to our students that you all share. For those of you who were not able to attend, my Convocation presentation (“Moving at the Speed of Trust”) is available online.

As always, I wanted to share with you links to some of the information about topics in the presentation:

At Convocation, I spoke at length about the significant movement in the area of online education and the opportunity for Los Rios to be innovative in how we expand our online offerings for students. No matter how many of us feel about this topic – and there are reasonable views on every side of the matter – there is overwhelming evidence that students’ interest in online education is growing. As I spoke to you all last week, there was also agreement from many that if we don’t do it better than other colleges and districts, Los Rios and our students risk being left behind. I look forward to the conversations in the months and years ahead on this issue.

In these tumultuous times, it can be hard to make sense of all of the rapid and important changes to our system. Even the ones that we perceive as positive are understandably met with apprehension and exhaustion by all of us doing the hard work every day. That is why it is so critical that we continue to put trust in our relationships with one another and the core values that have made Los Rios so successful over the years.

Thank you all for everything you do leading up to the first week of classes – and throughout the year – in service of our students. I hope that your fall semester gets off to an excellent start.


Brian King
Los Rios Community College District