Professional Development Workshop Submission Form


Dear colleagues:

On behalf of the Staff Resource Center for Professional Development, we invite you to consider submitting and/or requesting Professional Development & Flex, the week of January 13-17, for Spring 2020 . The theme is “Student Success”. Once again, the SCC Equity Framework can assist in emphasizing capacity building. As the college continues to focus on training and development related to teaching, learning, and service, while strengthening and demonstrating student success and support, the SRC and its partner initiatives of Student Equity, Student Success and Support, Hispanic Serving Institute, SAGE & SESI/STEM, Guided Pathways, and Achieve The Dream, ATD (ATD Model- Building Core Capacities) request your proposals for professional development. We seek workshops and professional development events related to district initiatives, college/division/department, and unit/program/resource plans that address campus wide goals and objectives.

We look forward to your proposal submissions! Webinar options may also be submitted. After gathering the complete information on this Proposal/request form, you will be contacted to set up and schedule the event for either a track during this week or sometime during the spring semester that will fit your schedule. Please complete a separate form for either the “Proposal for a workshop/event I would like to organize/facilitate” and/or “Request for a professional development workshop/event”.

Thank you, 

Norman Lorenz, Coordinator, Staff Resource Center for Professional Development & Education Leadership, SRCPD

Kimberly McDaniel, Associate Vice President, Enrollment and Student Services

Tyler Wyckoff, SRCPD, Assistant

Working Together, Pursuing Excellence and Inspiring Achievement!

Propose or Request a Workshop or Event

  • Note: all faculty presenters are eligible for 2x flex credit for each hour of presentation time.
  • Sponsor/Organizer Information

  • Basic Workshop Information and Description

  • Dates and Times

  • Logistics and Materials

  • Deadlines for Proposal Submissions

  • For questions, please email us at
  • All facilities used must be left in the same or better condition than found. Any tables, chairs, or other equipment moved by presenters or participants should be returned to original position. All trash should be put in the proper receptacles. White boards and chalk boards should be wiped clean. Thank you in advance for your professionalism!