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The Staff Resource Center offers professional development through a variety of resources.  This database provides a compilation of these resources in multiple types.

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    • Reading Apprenticeship Workshop: Making the Invisible Visible

      Flex/PD - Fall
      October 30, 2014. 12:00pm - 12:50pm. Classroom Routines in Support of Better Reading.
    • Ready to Flip: Three Ways to Hold Students Accountable for Pre-Class Work

      Articles and Publications
      One of the most frequent questions faculty ask about the flipped classroom model is: “How do you encourage students to actually do the pre-class work and come to class prepared?”
    • Real-World Problem-Solving in Your World - Fall 2015 Flex

      Flex/PD - Fall
      August 20, 2015. Presented by Karen Tercho, Bryan Krofchok, and Mark Dennis. Engage your students while guiding them into the driver's seat of higher-order thinking. Join faculty from diverse academic departments (Computer Information Science, Psychology, and the Library) as they share easy-to-implement tools and techniques for leading students through the problem-solving process.
    • Redesigning Community Colleges (Live Stream Event)

      Flex/PD - Spring
      The Community College Research Center (CCRC) in Columbia recently published a book on Guided Pathways that addresses the new Student Success and Support Program and Equity funding, as well as the increasing emphasis on Associate Degrees for Transfer. The authors of this groundbreaking book paint a picture of what a community college can accomplish if these initiatives merge into a single, mega-redesign of the college.
    • Reduce Online Course Anxiety with a Check-in Quiz

      Articles and Publications
      “Online classes are often intimidating for first-time students,” writes David St Clair. “They wrestle with the gnawing fear that their class has no anchor in the physical world and that there will be no one there to address their fears and concerns.” (p. 129) His solution? A simple, online check-in quiz.
    • Regular and Substantive Contact in D2L

      Flex/PD - Spring
      All SCC courses taught partially or fully via distance education must include regular and substantive contact. Come learn how to ensure your D2L courses meet this requirement.
    • Reimagining the Role of Technology in Higher Education

      Articles and Publications
      A Supplement to the National Education Technology Plan.
    • Resisting Elite Stereotypes

      Articles and Publications
      A call to bridge the divide between academic and public discourse.
    • Responding to Microaggressions in the Classroom: Taking ACTION

      Articles and Publications
      The term “microaggression” was coined in 1970 to name relatively slight, subtle, and often unintentional offenses that cause harm (Pierce, 1970). Since then, a substantial body of research on microaggressions has demonstrated their prevalence and harmful effects (Boysen, 2012; Solorzan, et. al., 2010; Suárez-Orozco, et. al., 2015; Sue, 2010)
    • Retention Strategies Fall 2016

      Articles and Publications
      Retention Strategies Fall 2016.
    • Reviewing ESL Writing Content and EPT Grading Rubric - Fall 2015 Flex

      Flex/PD - Fall
      August 20, 2015. Presented by Brett Thomas. This workshop will allow ESL faculty to review the curriculum content of six levels of writing courses and to match that content to the Essay Placement Test grading rubric, as well as adapt the rubric better to the current course content. This process is required for revalidation of the essay test.
    • Routine Cleaning vs. Sustainability

      Articles and Publications
      With all the hats that college and university administrators must wear, it is likely that they have not been able to pay much attention to the evolution occurring in the professional cleaning industry. What is happening is that the impact of cleaning on people and the environment has been markedly reduced in the past few years.