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The Staff Resource Center offers professional development through a variety of resources.  This database provides a compilation of these resources in multiple types.

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    • You're the SLO Reporter--What Do You Do? - Fall 2014 Flex

      Flex/PD - Fall
      August 21, 2014. Presented by SLOAC Committee Members. Featuring the latest updates on reporting course & student services unit student learning outcomes (SLOs). For faculty & student services staff who have volunteered to serve as SLO reporters for an instructional dept or student services unit.
    • Your Future Starts Here. Or Here. Or Here.

      Articles and Publications
      To sell themselves, colleges try to stand out. But often, their marketing efforts look practically identical.
    • Your Students, Our Students, Everyone’s Students (Discussion & Student Panel)

      Flex/PD - Fall
      We will discuss the many facets of our students. DSPS and C2C supports will be described. A panel of students will discuss what helps and what hinders their success in the classroom.
    • You’re Going to Want to Write This Down

      Articles and Publications
      On a more-or-less regular basis, I find myself looking for something that I’ve written about in the newsletter or blog, which I only vaguely remember. Inevitably, my search leads me to something else that I’ve completely forgotten… and it is such a good idea or such an interesting finding. How could I have forgotten it? I kick myself, and resolve to work harder to remember this good stuff.