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Math Lab

The Math Lab is a free course and is available to all students at any skill level as a resource for tutoring support in Math and Stats, and math-related subjects. We provide tutoring, workshops and resources to students. Although most Math and Stats students are automatically enrolled in the Math Lab, sometimes you may need to enroll in the course.

How It Works

Students in any math or statistics class on the SCC campus will be automatically enrolled during the first week of the semester into the Math Lab shell in Canvas. This will appear as HSER1000 (Course code 17369) on your schedule, and allows you to access the Math Lab services. This is a 0-credit course that will not appear on your transcript.

If you are taking a math or stats class at SCC and you do not see a Math Lab Canvas shell in your Canvas dashboard, these are the steps to enroll in the Math Lab for Fall 2020:

  1. In eServices, add HSER1000, course code 17369 to your schedule. You do not need a permission number. This 0-credit course is free and does not appear on your transcript.
  2. If there is a hold or other barrier preventing you from adding this to your schedule, e-mail

If you are in a non-math class at SCC and require help with something math-related, you can also enroll in HSER 1000 Supervised Tutoring section 17369 via eServices, or e-mail

What to Find in the Canvas shell:

On the home page of the HSER 1000 Canvas shell, students will find:

  • A link to a Zoom teleconference room where tutors are waiting to help
  • The ability to schedule appointments
  • A moderated Q&A Forum where students can offer their questions outside open hours
  • And so much more:
    • free textbook resources
    • content modules with diagnostic quizzes
    • video content
    • periodic workshops

What Can Tutors Help Me With?

Math Lab tutors and instructional assistants are available by Zoom teleconference to assist you on an as-needed basis or by appointment while you do your coursework. Pop into the room when you need help when open, or leave your question in the moderated Question and Answer (Q&A) Student Lounge. The tutor’s goal is to help you get to a point of critical and independent thought so you can be successful working through problems on your own. At times when the lab is less busy, you may be able to get more individualized help with a tutor who can sit down with you for an extended period of time.


Phone: (916) 558-2447


Monday to Thursday:
9:00 am to 7:00 pm
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Hours are subject to shift as we remain responsive to general student needs.


Rodda Hall South, RHS 162
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822