Student Services Staff

Student Services creates a welcoming environment for students, serves the whole student by integrating services, contributes to student success at all stages of the student’s academic and human development, and collaborates with Instruction in all areas.

Student Services Contact Information

    • Rodda Hall North, RHN 272
    • 3835 Freeport Boulevard
      Sacramento, CA 95822
    • Phone: 916-558-2141
    • Fax: 916-558-2632

Student Services Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 5 pm  VPSS Office only. Contact individual offices for hours.

Student Services Staff

Message from Vice President

Vice President Michael PoindexterWelcome to Sacramento City College (SCC)! Our primary objective is to help you achieve your academic goals.  SCC offers an array of student services and activities that reflect the rich diversity of our college, general student body, and our commitment to excellence. We have designed a spectrum of services that supplement your academic experience and help you plan for the future. These services include the following: academic advising, orientation, transfer and career counseling, admissions, registration and records, employment services, financial aid counseling and assistance,  support services, student activities, workshops and seminars for student success. There are five guiding principles that SCC promotes in Student Services.  We focus on students entering the front door, engaging them from their earliest experiences at the College. We create a culture of evidence, making sure our plans and actions are meaningful and measurable by using data to assess and constantly improve our services.  Student Services faculty, staff, and administrators work with each other in a spirit of collegiality, collaborating with one another to help students succeed. We are identifying and removing instructional barriers  to close the gap for those students who have been historically underrepresented and underserved. Lastly, we are one college with many locations, which includes the Davis Center and West Sacramento Center; all of which look to provide excellent services to our students. When attending SCC, students not only invest in their future, but  in their economic growth, as well as the economic growth of their communities. The entire Student Services faculty, staff, and administrators are ready and willing to serve your particular student needs and concerns.  I invite you to avail yourself of our vast array of services.  Today is a great day to stop by our Student Services offices to learn more about us and to explore the lifelong learning process we provide to help you become all that you can be. Again, welcome to Sacramento City College, and I look forward to your participation in and contribution to our rich, diverse college community. — Michael Poindexter, Vice President, Student Services  

Student Services Managers

Christine Hernandez Christine Hernandez, Dean, Financial Aid and Student Services

RHN 177 Ph: 916-558-2438

Support Staff:

  • TBD,  Administrative Assistant I Ph: 916-558-2439

generic profile photoAndre Coleman, Dean, Counseling and Student Success

RHN 147 Ph: 916-558-2376



Support Staff:

  • Valerie Adger,  Administrative Assistant I Ph: 916-558-2289
  • TBA Counseling Clerk III Ph: 916-558-2289