Teach Abroad

The applications to teach abroad are reserved for full time faculty members of the Los Rios Community College District.

Have you considered teaching in another country where the location resources support the content of your instruction?

Besides allowing the students to develop global competence, it allows faculty members to participate in a truly unique teaching and learning experience.

This is a wonderful opportunity for faculty to be involved with students across the district and with colleagues from other colleges in Northern California.

Recruitment Requirement

Selected faculty will be required to recruit a minimum of 20 students who commit and attend the program.  Faculty receive compensation including round trip airfare, paid admission to all events that are part of the student package, and a housing stipend based on meeting the minimum number of committed and enrolled students. Recruiting meetings and strategies vary, but should include class visits in your discipline, conducting informational and orientation meetings, and working with the other Consortium faculty and Study Abroad Program Directors.

Plan for a minimum of three outreach meetings per month between your selection date and the student application deadline for your trip, with the number of meetings increasing in the year prior to your semester abroad. The Consortium will be paying particular attention to candidates’ proposed student recruitment strategies.

Please note that selection and participation is contingent on LRCCD’s continued association with NCSAC.