All photographs used in Sacramento City College’s communications should express the core values, mission and vision of the college that are inherent within the SCC brand.

SCC is a student-centered institution, focused on supporting and fostering student success. To that end, photos used for college and program area marketing materials should include students. At SCC, students are at the very heart of what we do, and photography that represents the college visually should reflect that approach to teaching and learning.

SCC photography - Hughes Stadium

Photos of students interacting with faculty and staff, or with each other, are highly encouraged. Photos that show students’ enthusiasm, dedication and enjoyment at SCC are also excellent to use in marketing the college. Using photos of students, as well as faculty, staff and administrators helps put a face to the institution.

Photos of people may only be used for marketing once the individual(s) pictured have signed a model release form that grants SCC rights to their image. This model release form may be obtained from the Public Information Office, or on the Public Information website.

SCC’s picturesque campus and facilities are iconic in the Sacramento region. To that end, photos of the college buildings and facilities are also excellent for marketing purposes.

Be sure to use only high-resolution photos with good lighting. Using quality photography will reflect the quality of the college. In contrast, using grainy, dark or low-resolution photos can be counter-productive to communicating the excellence of the institution and the services we provide.

SCC photography - football players

SCC photography - guitar players

SCC photography - cheerleaders


If you must use stock photography (used widely by creative professionals in need of ready-made images that illustrate a particular lifestyle, mood, scene or process), please use photos that relate directly to the core values, mission and vision of the college such as diversity, academic excellence, economic vitality, inspiring achievement and nurturing personal growth. Images should focus predominately on faces and diversity, and the background should be generic enough to relate to the SCC campus.

stock photography