Until the introduction of the new college visual brand and this style guide, Sacramento City College has never adopted an official set of typefaces.

This has resulted in many random and inconsistent typographic uses throughout our marketing and signage over the years.

However, there is some consistency on most of our campus building signage in the use of various modernist sans serif typefaces such as Helvetica, Eurostile and Neutraface. With this in mind, another modern sans serif—Futura—was chosen to connect this campus feature to a visual brand and new logo. Likewise, because our newest monument signs use the typeface Times, it was chosen to be our primary serif typeface.


The Sacramento City College Wordmark is adapted from the typeface Futura and Futura Medium. Always use the approved logo and wordmark, do not recreate it using the Futura family or any similar typeface.

SCC side-by-side logo font


All official Sacramento City College marketing materials must use either the Futura or Function Pro type families as the primary brand typefaces for headlines, subheads, and body copy. Futura and Function Pro are nearly identical.

Due to licensing, the Futura family is not officially available to all SCC faculty and staff. However, Function Pro is available to all SCC faculty and staff upon request from the PIO. Both families contain a variety of weights and oblique (italics) faces. In general no more than two or three different weights should be used within a particular design to create hierarchy and order of information.

Additionally, the Times family can be used as a complementary serif typeface for subheads and body copy. Times should not be used in headlines for official marketing materials. If Times is not available, a classic serif face such as Goudy or Clarendon is an acceptable replacement. However, only one serif family should be used within a particular design.

Oblique (italics) faces may be used for emphasizing words and secondary elements such as subheads, captions and pull quotes, but should not be used in headlines or titles.


SCC typography


Below are a few examples of how our brand typefaces may be used together and formatted to create strong visual hierarchy, contrast and order.

SCC type treatments - headline, subhead, paragraph

SCC type treatments - headline, subhead, bulleted list, image

SCC type treatments - pull quote


While we encourage the use of only the SCC brand typefaces of Futura, Function Pro and Times Roman as the best practice, it is understood that in certain circumstances these fonts may not be available.

In these cases, contemporary standard sans serif fonts such as Helvetica, Arial, Myriad Pro, or Gill Sans could be substituted for Futura and Function Pro. For Times Roman, a traditional serif font such as Garamond, Minion Pro, or Cambria could serve well.

When using a substitute, please do NOT choose an overly stylized, script, or hand drawn-style font. Use of these types of fonts appears unprofessional, overly casual and dramatically de-values the hard work and care that has been put into the SCC visual branding.


Below are some examples of common, and generally overused, typefaces and typographic styles that should NEVER be used in official SCC brand and marketing materials:

SCC type treatments - prohibited typefaces

SCC type treatments - prohibited typefaces