City 101: SCC Summer Bridge

bridge illustrationJoin the Panther Experience!

Are you graduating from high school this June?

Planning on attending SCC in the fall?

Get a head start on college in our 4-day City 101 Summer Bridge Program.

The program is FREE.  Check out the video and then sign-up below!

What are the benefits of City 101?

When I think about finding help at SCC so that I can achieve my education goal, I feel:

burgundy: ready and excited Ready and Excited gold: I feel just okay I feel just OK gray: I'm kinda nervous I’m kinda nervous blue: nervous and unprepared Nervous & unprepared black: no expectations No expectations

Pre-Session Survey Results

Prior to Sessions 1 through 5, 2018

prior to session 1 - 41% Ready and Excited prior to session 2 - 45% Ready and Excited prior to city101 session 3 - 23% Ready and Excited prior to session 4 - 37% Ready and Excited prior to session 5 - 37% Ready and Excited

Post-Session Survey Results

After Sessions 1 through 5, 2018

after session 1 - 65% Ready and Excited after session 2 - 78% Ready and Excited after session 3 - 47% Ready and Excited after session 4 - 85% Ready and Excited after session 5 - 78% Ready and Excited


  • Graduating from high school in June
  • Planning on attending SCC fall 2018
  • Able to attend all dates of your selected session


  • Get a head start in college
  • Gain study skills
  • Explore career interests
  • Learn about college pathways
  • Have fun & meet new friends


City 101 Registration is Closed for 2018