Dates & Deadlines

Deadlines to Always Remember….

Fee Payment Information

  • Before the semester begins: Enrollment fees due within 14 days of registration or you will be dropped
  • After the semester begins: Enrollment fees due on the day of enrollment

Fee Payment Information…

Dropping Classes

  • When to drop a class without a notation on your transcript
  • When to drop a class with a “W” grade on your transcript (not computed in GPA, but affects progress, probation, and dismissal)

Drop Deadlines…

Adding Classes After the Semester Begins

  • Before the drop deadline you must get a permission number from the faculty
  • After the day deadline you must file a petition form with the Admissions & Records Office

Add Deadlines…

Petition for Pass / No Pass

Students may select one course per semester to be graded on a pass or no pass grading basis. A request form must be filed with the Admis­sions & Records Office for this option prior to the end of the fifth week for a regular semester course.

Pass/No Pass Deadlines…