Apps for Success

You’re already on your smartphone all the time. Now use it to help you better manage your time, improve your learning process, and find guidance specific to Sacramento City College.

Time Management

Learning How to Learn

CamScanner iconCamScanner

Organize all your documents. Scan, share, annotate and manage documents, then store them in the cloud. Learn More about CamScanner

Available for: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

Dragon Dictation iconDragon Dictation

Use your voice to dictate short reminders to long class notes–simply speak and see your text content appear. Learn More about Dragon Dictation

Available for: iOS

Mendeley iconMendeley

Read PDFs and annotate them on your iDevice. Make your own fully-searchable library, and collaborate with others. Learn More about Mendeley

Available for: iOS

Evernote iconEvernote

Manage everything in one easy-to-use workspace. Write notes and checklists. Upload files and clip sources from the web. Learn More about Evernote

Available for: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Mac | Windows

GroupMe iconGroupMe

Chat with everyone you know. Free, private chats for your small groups. Collaborate, organize events, and keep in touch. Learn More about GroupMe

Available for: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Mac | Windows

Exams & Tests

AnkiApp Flashcards

Study flashcards in your downtime–with text, sound, and images, or download pre-made ones. Learn More about AnkiApp

Available for: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Mac | Windows | Kindle

WolframAlpha iconWolfram|Alpha

Get access to the full power of the Wolfram|Alpha knowledge engine. Learn More about Wolfram|Alpha

Available for: Android | iOS | Windows Phone/Tablet | Kindle

StudyBlue iconStudyBlue

Study anytime, anywhere from more than 350 million user-generated digital notecards covering every topic from Algebra to Zoology. Or create your own. Learn More about StudyBlue

Available for: Android | iOS

Google Hangouts iconGoogle Hangouts

Stay connected with friends no matter what device they’re on. Chat, video, and voice calls, all for free. Learn More about Google Hangouts

Available for: Android | iOS | Mac | Windows

6284 Calc icon6284 Calc

Never Memorize a Math Formula Again. Includes algebra, algebra II, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, and chemistry. Learn More about 6284 Calc

Available for: iOS

Campus Resources

MyLosRios appMyLosRios App

The myLosRios mobile app provides you easy access to take care of your college business from your mobile device or smartphone.

Available for: iOS

Google logoGoogle Apps

Browser-based and mobile apps from Google, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Groups, and others. Google Drive includes the ability to publish text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and drawings. Learn More about Google Apps

Available for: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

Finding Balance

PathSource iconPathSource

Explore careers and salaries. Match potential careers to your interests and personality. Figure out where you want to go in life, and how to get there. Learn More about PathSource

Available for: Android | iOS

Moovit iconMoovit

Plan your transit (and life) better, whether it’s by bus, train, or subway. Guides you step-by-step to your destination, nearby stations, and beyond. Learn More about Moovit

Available for: Android | iOS | Windows Phone


Audible 3-Day Free TrialAudible

Audible is the world’s largest provider of audiobooks and premium spoken word programming. Choose from more than 180,000 titles. Learn More about Audible

Available for: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Mac | Windows | Kindle | Alexa

Blinkist appBlinkist

1,500+ bestselling nonfiction books, transformed into potent little packs you can listen to or read in just 15 minutes. Learn More about Blinkist

Available for: Android | iOS