Be Successful

All students attending SCC are required to maintain Good Academic Standing.

A student who achieves a 2.0 on a 4-point grading scale and who completes more than 50% of all attempted units is considered to be in Good Standing with the college.

Students who receive federal financial aid are required to make satisfactory academic progress (SAP). SAP requirements are different than those required to maintain good academic standing. View the full satisfactory academic progress policy.

Good Academic Standing

College Success Classes

Human Career Development (HCD)  

Human Career Development offers a variety of programs to help with your successful journey through college. Below you will find the HCD courses we recommend for college success.

HCD 88 Study Strategies 1 Unit

Prerequisite: None.

This course will provide non-traditional instructional support for stu­dents with disabilities who are enrolled in other college courses. HCD 88 will be graded on a credit/no credit basis.

HCD 110 Building Foundations for 3 Units Success

Prerequisite: None.
General Education: AA/AS Area III(b)

This course provides success strategies and support services to entry level students. The strategies and support services are threaded through three critical areas that enhance student success: academic skills, personal life management, and educational navigation. An optional field trip(s) may be included.

HCD 114 Human Potential Seminar 2 Units

Prerequisite: None.

This course provides an in-depth examination of techniques to be used in enhancing one’s chances for success in college. It is designed to meet the needs of students who are experiencing difficulty in achieving their goals in higher education. Course topics include: motivation, goal setting, communication skills, time management, exam preparation, note taking, and reading college textbooks. This course is designed to assist students to become better prepared for the expectations of col­lege and for those who seek to improve their academic standing.

HCD 116 Orientation to College .5-1 Units

Prerequisite: None.

This course is designed to introduce the student to college resources, programs, and services. Topics covered include short-term goal set­ting, motivation, time management, skill and interest assessment, educational alternatives, college requirements, and procedures. A field trip may be required.

HCD 310 College Success 3 Units

Prerequisite: None.
Advisory: ENGRD 110 & ENGWR 101 or ESLR 320 & ESLW 320 with grades of “C” or better.
General Education: AA/AS Area III(b); CSU Area E1. Course Transferable to UC/CSU

This course provides students with an introduction to student learning expectations and the outcomes of higher education. Through expo­sure, exploration, and application of intellectual, social, cultural, and psychological principles students will obtain the skills necessary to reach their educational objectives and prepare them for the challenges of the educational curriculum required to be successful in higher edu­cation. Students will expand their knowledge & personal awareness in regard to academic motivation, self-discipline, career exploration, & personal responsibility. Strategies will include an introduction to critical thinking in an academic setting, effective communication skills, goal setting techniques, & study skills. College resources & infor­mation competency will also be covered. It is highly recommended for new, continuing, & returning students. The course may be offered for specific populations. An optional field trip may be included.

HCD 330 Life and Career Planning 1 Unit

Prerequisite: None.
Advisory: ENGRD 11 & ENGWR 51 or ESLR 310 & ESLW 310 with a grade of “C” or better.
General Education: AA/AS Area III(b). Course Transferable to CSU

This course offers a holistic approach to life & career planning based on extensive measurement of interests, aptitudes, skills, values, personality, & life and personal circumstances. Personal and career goals will be formulated using career research & decision-making strategies.


Learning, Tutoring and Academic Technology (LTAT)

Learning, Tutoring and Academic Technology classes are computer-based courses that will help students brush up on Math, Reading and Language Arts skills.  Below you will find the LTAT courses we recommend for college success.

LTAT 92 Prerequisite Skills Assistance .5-2 Units

Prerequisite: None.

This course (formerly HSER 92) offers individualized instruction designed to help students improve basic reading, grammar/mechan­ics, arithmetic, and algebra skills. Course offerings vary depending on individual student needs and abilities. Students may enroll in this open-entry/open-exit course up to the eighth week of the semester. This course is intended as a supplement to other courses and not as a substitute for any basic skills course. Students must complete 27 hours of work to earn 0.5 unit of credit per semester. Students may enroll up to four times. This course is graded Pass/No Pass.

LTAT 300 Academic Skills 1 Unit

Prerequisite: None.
Course Transferable to CSU

The course is designed for students who want to improve their aca­demic skills. Students will have an opportunity to assess their learning needs in order to develop and improve study techniques for textbook reading, note-taking, and test taking. In addition, students will learn how to manage their time, improve their concentration and memory, and develop listening strategies in order to become successful stu­dents.