Paths to Transfer

Sacramento City College provides several paths to transfer known as transfer pathways.

student holding CSU Monterey Bay pennant

Transfer pathways refer to specific courses and academic programs that individual students can complete to advance on their transfer process.

Listed below are pathways to help you advance in your transfer process.

Options to Consider

University of California

  • UC TAG – A guarantee between you the student and 1 UC
  • UCLA TAP – Complete 5 Honors Classes/15 Honors Units with a 3.2 UC transferable GPA, increase your odds of being admitted to UCLA to 90%
  • UC Pathways – Major preparation for 21 majors

California State University

CSU Associate Degree for Transfer
Complete the ADT path and receive an AA/AS degree and a guarantee to the CSU system

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

HBCU Guarantee
Choose from 35 HBCU campuses to transfer to and learn about the requirements for the guarantee.

Law School Pathway

2+2+3 Law School Pathway
2-Year Associate Degree, 2-Year Bachelor’s Degree, 3-Year Juris Doctorate

Western Undergraduate Exchange

Transfer out of state to another western state like Washington or Oregon, through WUE which reduces out of state tuition.

Honors Transfers

Honors Transfer Agreements
Receive additional consideration for admissions to private universities by completing SCC Honors Program

How do I find out more?

Meet with a Counselor and let them know you would like more information on these programs.