How Do I Decide?

Location and Fit of College

One of the most important transfer planning decisions you can make is taking a campus tour of interested colleges/universities, before you make any commitments. Making an informed decision about which colleges appeal most to you comes from experiencing in person the campus environment. Spend time on this website looking at the videos offered and utilizing the Transfer Center to explore campuses. Exploring through college websites, catalogs, and admission representatives present an initial level of knowledge about the campus. However, your deepest level of knowledge comes from your onsite visit.

5 experiences you should examine at each college campus:

  1. Aesthetic and social atmosphere – Is the campus beautiful? Is it a comfortable size? Are people friendly or cold? Is there a welcoming environment that supports an active social life for students?
  2. Diversity – Is cultural and ethnic diversity represented among students and faculty? Would you likely engage in multicultural experiences at this campus?
  3. Housing – Dormitory style? Apartment style? Small and cramped or comfortable and well spaced? How are roommates chosen and placed? Housing available for both on campus and off campus?
  4. Local Amenities and Resources – Easy access from campus to local community resources like banks, grocery stores, entertainment? What type of transportation must you rely upon (walking? bicycle? car? mass transit?).
  5. Visiting Major Department – Easy access to your professors for mentoring opportunities? Class size 15 – 50 students per class or 100 – 400 students? Do you learn best in smaller classes, larger classes, or it does not matter?

Compare and Explore Schools

Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs
U.S. Dept. of Education

College Navigator
Find the right college for you at

Association of Independent California Colleges & Universities
Representing over 70 California private nonprofit colleges and universities.

College Source
Database of digital college catalogs, institution profiles, transcript keys, and other critical resources.

Peterson’s Comprehensive Guide To College
All the info & tools you need to find, get in, and pay for school.

CSU Campuses 
Learn about and compare CSU campuses

Find Colleges
Big Future by College Board
Research all aspects of college transfer and assess whether it is the right choice for you based upon the transferability of your course history.

College Planning

Online College Search

Major and Career Exploration

  1. identify your options
  2. experience coursework in a variety of majors while completing your Gen Ed
  3. determine your academic strengths
  4. choose a major based on what makes most sense now
  5. change your major if it is a poor fit

Your future choices may lead you to modify your plans in order to obtain your desired goals.

Undocumented/DACAmented Students