University of California (UC) Transfer Requirements

Quick Facts

Map of California identifying the University of California locations

There are 9 UC campuses which offers undergraduate degrees: Davis, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Merced, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Irvine, Riverside, and San Diego.  (The San Francisco campus offers professional and graduate degrees.)

The UC system has over 750 majors and over 150 disciplines.

California community college students are given first priority over other transfer applicants

Nearly 1 in 3 UC students start at a community college before graduating from a UC campus.

Transfer Tip

Select between 3 to 5 universities to apply to; research universities based on availability of major, size of campus, location, support services, and housing.

UC Transferable Units

To be considered as an upper division transfer student, you must have 60 UC-transferable units completed.  These courses will consist of general education, lower division major courses, and electives if needed.

In general, courses in Los Rios that are numbered “300” or higher are transferable, but not all courses are UC-transferable.

Here are two examples below.  Both Psychology 320 and Psychology 315 are transferable to the CSU, but only Psychology 320 is transferable to the UC.

Screenshot of Psychology 315 course description

Screenshot of Psychology 320 course description

Transfer Tip

Learn how to identify courses that are UC-transferable.  This information can be found in the catalog and the online class schedule.

IGETC - General Education

IGETC is short for Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum.  This is the general education pattern for the UC system.

(IMPORTANT: Below is a snapshot of the IGETC pattern for Sacramento City College. Each Los Rios college will have their own IGETC pattern which may list courses that are numbered differently or listed in another “Area.” Use the IGETC pattern for each Los Rios college that you plan to take classes.)

University of California Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum PDF

Here are a few things to be aware of:

♦  all courses used to fulfill IGETC requirements must be completed with “C” grades or better

♦  completing the IGETC does not guarantee admission to the campus or program of choice

♦  the IGETC is not appropriate for all majors such as engineering or science; the ASSIST website will provide this information if applicable

Transfer Tip

Decide on your major early so that you are aware of the required lower division courses.  Do not focus solely on general education courses.

UC Transfer Pathways

Transfer Pathways were created for the top majors at the University of California.

If you know your major, but haven’t decided on which UC campuses to apply to, the Transfer Pathways will identify courses to help you prepare for your major.

The Transfer Pathways offers a single set of courses that will transfer to any of the 9 UC campuses with your major.

If your major does not have a Transfer Pathway, you will use the ASSIST website.

Transfer Tip

Once you identify your top UC campuses, use the ASSIST website for specific major information for each university that you plan to apply to.

Link to University of California Transfer Pathways guide


The ASSIST website lists the lower division major courses that can be taken at Sacramento City College prior to transfer.  This is called an “articulation agreement.”

Here is an example for UC Irvine’s Business Administration major.  The courses listed on the right side can be taken at Sacramento City College.  Look for important information regarding the major as shown with the arrows below:

Screenshot of UC Irvines articulation for the Business Administration major


The TAP (Transfer Admission Planner) helps students to track their progress toward meeting UC minimum requirements and allows for UC staff to communicate information to prospective transfer students.  This online tool is also used to complete the TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee).

Create an account and begin the TAP, even during your first semester at Sacramento City College!  Click on the box below for more information:

Link to Transfer Admission Planner and Transfer Admission Guarantee for University of California