Website Editor Guide

The Sacramento City College (SCC) website is tightly integrated with, and representative of, our brand image.

The SCC website is created and managed in WordPress, which is an open-source and widely used content management system (CMS). The site is built around a set of customized templates and format styles designed to effectively represent the college’s many programs, communicate written and visual information in a memorable way, deliver a consistent user experience, and promote our brand image.

Though there is room for unique self-expression within the various sub-sites, following these standards regarding page structure, text formatting and use of graphics and images, is necessary to ensure consistency and quality, as well as ease of reading and navigation. The coding and styling practices described in this guide also help us meet the federally-required WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility requirements that provide access to our content for all our website users.

  • Training - Basics

    A public course on Canvas for WordPress beginners. Log into Canvas and enroll in… MORE >>

  • Training - Intermediate

    A public course on Canvas for more intermediate skills.

  • Accessibility

    Make your WordPress website accessible to all users with these required practices.

    This Website Editor… MORE >>

  • Text Formatting

    Text is a vital part of any web page. It makes the page findable,… MORE >>

  • Links

    Make the text of a link understandable to all users, including those with disabilities.

    MORE >>

  • Color

    Color makes communication attractive and exciting. Color also conveys information and organization. Use color… MORE >>

  • Images

    Photos and graphics can be worth a thousand words each–if you select, create, and display the… MORE >>

  • Slideshows

    Image slideshows can be placed just about anywhere in one of our pages.

    They are most… MORE >>

  • Audio & Video

    Our WordPress site allows us to engage students and other users through interactive content… MORE >>

  • Tables

    Tables are used on web pages to display data, much like a spreadsheet.

    The tables… MORE >>

  • Forms

    Tutorials on creating forms yet to come.

    But for now, here’s a tutorial on exporting… MORE >>

  • PDFs & Downloads

    Ideally, almost all online content is available on the web page. But sometimes we… MORE >>

  • Content & Editorial Style

    The SCC online editorial style is a set of guidelines that editors use to help make… MORE >>

  • Content Management

    Content management is the process of collecting, managing, editing, and publishing information on your… MORE >>

  • Page Layout

    The primary objective of any page on your site is to communicate information clearly and… MORE >>

  • Templates

    The SCC website utilizes a variety of page templates, serving a number of purposes.

    MORE >>

  • Architecture, Menus & Navigation

    Information architecture is the art and science of organizing your page structure and navigational menus.

    Learn how to… MORE >>

  • Blogging

    Blogs are a great way to get timely information to your audience.

    Advice… MORE >>

  • Social Media Guide

    As an institution of higher learning, Sacramento City College—by its very nature—embraces the free… MORE >>

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making a conscious effort improve the… MORE >>

  • Analytics

    Looking for data about how many people are visiting your site, and where they… MORE >>

  • WordPress Resources

    There are many free and paid online resources for learning how to use WordPress… MORE >>