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Our WordPress site allows us to engage students and other users through interactive content such as audio and video.

Accessibility | How to Place Video

Audio & Video Accessibility

How to Place Video

Video Uploads

You can upload to (and insert videos from) the WordPress Media Library just like you would for images.

While working on a WordPress page, click the Add Media button above the text editing box.

Add Media button in WordPress

From the Upload Files tab, click on Select Files. Then select the video you want to upload.

Select Files button in WordPress

However, chances are your video file will be too large to upload unless it is very short and of low resolution. The maximum file size for uploads is 24 MB.

Maximum File Size Exceeded in WordPress

The next technique will work for any size video file.

Using YouTube for Videos

You can upload videos to YouTube for use on your WordPress site. YouTube supports the following file types: MOV, MP4 (MPEG4), AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP, MPEGPS, WebM

If you have a Google/Gmail account, you automatically have a YouTube account. Sign in to your account at either website.

Upload button in YouTube

Select files to upload button in YouTube

Once your video has uploaded and Published (set to Public), it will have a web address. Highlight and copy (Ctrl+C) the web address.

Address bar in browser for YouTube

Back in WordPress, place your cursor in text editing box where you want the video to go, and paste (Ctrl+V).

Pasted web address in WordPress

Usually in the blink of an eye, the pasted text will turn into a video playback image.

Video placed in text edit box in WordPress

Update/publish the page and view it in the browser. You should be able to see and play your video.

Resizing the YouTube Video

Sometimes you need to have the video display smaller in your page. First, decide what width it needs to be. I’m going to demonstrate here with a 300px width.

Click the Share button on YouTube under the video name.

Share button on YouTube

Then click the Embed button which appears underneath. Some code will appear.

Embed button on YouTube

Click the SHOW MORE button under the code.

Show More button on YouTube

In the Video size dropdown, select Custom Size. Enter your desired width in the first box.

Custom size on YouTube

Press the tab key on your keyboard, and YouTube will calculate the proportional height for your width.

Custom size on YouTube

Scroll back up to the embed code. Select and copy it.

Embed code on YouTube

You’ll need to paste this as raw code. In the top-right corner of the editing panel in WordPress, click the Text tab.

Text tab in WordPress

Place the embed code in the proper place. Avoid placing it in the middle of other code.

Embed code in WordPress

Click back on the Visual tab. The video should be visible as before, but at the new size you defined.