Make the text of a link understandable to all users, including those with disabilities.

Accessibility | Linking to Email and Phone | Open in Same or New Tab?

Link Accessibility


Link text should describe the page or download being linked to, clearly and concisely.

Type the name of the link and make that the clickable link to the URL (web address).


  • Don’t use “click here” as link text.
  • Don’t use all capital letters, which is read letter-by-letter by screen readers.
  • Don’t use URLs (web addresses) as link text.
  • Don’t underline text that is not a link.

Appropriate Link Text

Inappropriate Link Text

Linking to Email and Phone

Email Address

To create an active link for an email in content text, select the email and click on the Insert/Edit Link icon WordPress link icon. In the Link Field replace the http:// with mailto: – WordPress does this automatically!



Phone Number

To create an active link for a phone number in content text, select the number and click on the Insert/Edit Link icon WordPress link icon. In the Link Field replace the http:// with tel:. WordPress does NOT do this automatically.

Note: include the area code in the link, even if it does not appear in the text.


  • tel:9165581234

Open in Same or New Tab?

You have the option to open a link in the same browser tab when clicked, or open in a new browser tab.

Same Tab

This is the default click behavior for links. If the link is going to somewhere within the site, this is preferable.

New Tab

Generally, users expect to have the browser open a new tab if they are being taken to a new website. This way, the SCC website is still open on one tab, and they can close the second tab when they are done reviewing it.

Here’s how to tell WordPress to open in a new tab:

  1. Select some text and click the Link icon to paste in the web address:
    screenshot of inserting link in WordPress
  2. Click the gear icon for Link Options:
    screenshot of Link Options gear icon in WordPress
  3. Click the checkbox for Open link in a new tab, then click Update:
    screenshot of editing link in WordPress