Live Chat

Chat with website visitors right when they start to view your site, or respond if they begin a chat session.

Note: Currently the Live Chat plugin is only activated for the Success Coaching website. Therefore, the first steps are specific to that site.

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  1. Go to Success Coaching Dashboard Login
    Live chat tutorial step 1 screenshot
  2. Log in using your Los Rios W number and password. You will be taken to the WordPress dashboard.
    Live chat tutorial step 2 screenshot
  3. Take a look up top: you will be notified how many Chat Agents in your team are already active.
    Live chat tutorial step 3 screenshot
  4. Click on Live Chat in the side bar. This takes you to the Chat Dashboard.
    Live chat tutorial step 4 screenshot
  5. Hide the big Congratulations panel if it shows.
    Live chat tutorial step 5 screenshot
  6. To go online as a live chat agent, click on the red button that looks like a switch, to turn it green.
    Live chat tutorial step 6 screenshot
    Note that you need to leave this Chat Dashboard in an open tab in your browser in order to receive new chat notifications. However, it does not need to be what is currently visible on your screen.
  7. If you want to see what the site visitor sees, open in another browser where you are not logged in. An orange chat icon appears in the lower right corner after two seconds.
    Live chat tutorial step 7a screenshot
    If you click on the icon, a panel appears on the right that requests your name and email. A site visitor can use this panel to request a Live Chat session.
    Live chat tutorial step 7b screenshot
    If there are no agents online, it will instead ask the visitor to leave a message. Their message will be sent to
  8. Back in the Chat Dashboard, you may see a list of visitors who are currently viewing the site.
    Live chat tutorial step 8 screenshot
  9. You can initiate a chat with any of these visitors if you wish: click on Initiate Chat.
    Live chat tutorial step 9 screenshot
  10. If a visitor requests a chat, you will receive a notification. At first you may be asked by your browser if you will allow notifications. Please click Allow.
    Live chat tutorial step 10a screenshot
    The notification consists of a phone ring sound, a pop-up textbox, and a quick change in the browser tab text.
    Live chat tutorial step 10b screenshot
  11. In the Chat Dashboard, click on Accept Chat. The visitor will get an automated opening message from you.
    Live chat tutorial step 11 screenshot
  12. A new browser window will open for your chat with the visitor. You can respond in the textbox, and press Enter to send the message.
    Live chat tutorial step 12a screenshot
    In the visitor’s view, they also get a text box for sending responses.
    Live chat tutorial step 12b screenshot
    The conversation is displayed in alternating colors for both users.
    Live chat tutorial step 12c screenshot
  13. When you have concluded your chat with the visitor, click End Chat.
    Live chat tutorial step 13 screenshot
  14. Live Chat keeps a history of your chats. In the sidebar, click on History.
    Live chat tutorial step 14a screenshot
    You can View or Download any of the chats listed.
    Live chat tutorial step 14b screenshot
  15. You can also view Missed Chats and Offline Messages.
    Live chat tutorial step 15 screenshot