WordPress Resources

There are many free and paid online resources for learning how to use WordPress and HTML.

Learn WordPress | Learn HTML

Learn WordPress

Most of what you find here will help with your general understanding of the WordPress platform, but not address many of the customized and unique features of the SCC Website.

The best and most relevant training and support will come directly from the SCC Website team (see sidebar). So please be aware, the list below is provided for additional and supplementary purposes only.

Lynda.com for SCC
The premier online technology training site. There are full WordPress training curriculums here that you can spend hours and hours on. You can access Lynda for free as an SCC employee through Learn Academy.

There is much information here about WordPress for beginners up to high-end web developers. There is some training available under the Support – Documentation tab, but it’s not particularly useful for beginners.

56 Brilliant WordPress Tutorials

“Because of its enormous popularity, there’s a wealth of WordPress tutorials online to help you get to grips with the content management system.”

WordPress for Beginners 2015 YouTube Playlist

Learn HTML


This site is an excellent learning source for basic HTML code and tags. The left column list provides a variety of tag types, and each page shows simple tags and samples of how the look on the page. You can also click the “Try It” button to access an easy-to-use interactive window to try out the results yourself.

Introduction to HTML for wordpress.com users

A great introduction to HTML tags used specifically in WordPress blogs and page content. The three main links provide Basics and Terminology, Commonly Used HTML, and Useless HTML Tags. A great reference with easy to understand examples.

Common HTML Tags Used in WordPress

<strong>TEXT HERE</strong>

<em>TEXT HERE</em>

Heading 1 (page title style):
<h1>TEXT HERE</h1>

Heading 2 (main headline style):
<h2>TEXT HERE</h2>

Heading 3 (subhead style):
<h3>TEXT HERE</h3>

Heading 4 (small subhead style):
<h4>TEXT HERE</h4>

<p>TEXT HERE</p>

Line Break:
<br />

Horizontal Rule:
<hr />

Link to a URL/Web page:
<a href=”http://www.sitename.com” target=”_blank”>SITENAME.COM</a>

Link to an e-mail address:
<a href=”mailto:name@scc.losrios.edu”>name@scc.losrios.edu</a>

Link to a phone number:
<a href=”tel:9165555555″>(916) 555-5555</a>