Web Governance Committee

The Web Governance Committee is tasked with oversight of the policies, guidelines, and design of the Sacramento City College website and related web collateral.

Governance Bill of Rights

Stewards (Authors, Editors)

  • Help with and training on tools and best practices
  • Clear interpretation and supported implementation of regulatory requirements
  • Assistance establishing goals and success metrics
  • Access to data and analysis

Site Users

  • Accessible content and navigation
  • Current information supporting their ability to perform necessary tasks
  • Usable interfaces
  • Access to support they should never need

Committee Oversight

  • roles and responsibilities of the user-editors of distributed sites
  • responsibilities of SCC main site editors with respect to outside sites such as City Theatre, Kondos Gallery, and Panther Athletics
  • analytics and other measurements of site traffic
  • accessibility
  • website guidelines and training
  • functionality needs
  • redesign of various aspects of the site and associated rationales
  • social media practices and governance
  • roles, mission, and structure of the committee itself


  • Jarom Burbano, Information Technology
  • Don Button, Advanced Technology
  • Brandon Fong, High School Outreach & Recruitment
  • Ryan Glenn, Disability Student Programs and Services
  • Kim Goff, Admissions and Records
  • Craig Hart, Matriculation
  • Jeff Karlsen, Library Services
  • Jacek Kozikowski, West Sacramento Center
  • Joe Sanchez, Student Leadership and Development
  • Crystal Lee, Public Information Office
  • Kaitlyn MacGregor, Public Information Office
  • Ashu Mishra, West Sacramento Center
  • Quinn Nakano, Information Technology
  • Dawn Pedersen, Information Technology
  • Marilyn Keefe Perry, Instruction
  • Deborah Saks, Business & Computer Information Science Division
  • Kirk Sosa, Information Technology

Last updated 9/26/18