Website Editors Compliance Policy

The Sacramento City College website—built on the WordPress platform—supports 200+ individual department, office, center, program, and faculty subsites.

Each SCC subsite and editor/author must comply with the SCC Style Guide and the following policies. The term “Web Team” herein refers to the Webmaster and Public Information Office.

Roles and Responsibilities

Each department is encouraged to have a staff or faculty member identified and trained as the primary editor. Individuals may take on this role for multiple sites. When there is not an available editor due to off-contract time periods, the Webmaster will take on the editor role in consultation with the department chair dean or program director, working collaboratively to maintain the site.


  • Ensuring the accuracy of content and that all content, including text, photo, videos, and documents, is in accordance with the SCC Style Guidelines for formatting and accessibility.
  • Requesting the addition or deletion of site editors/authors.
  • Assigning pages to authors as appropriate.

Editors or Authors

  • Day-to-day maintenance of assigned pages.
  • Creating original content and/or collaborating with other authors to do so.
  • Completing and remaining current with WordPress training.

Deans, Program Coordinators, and Vice Presidents

  • Guiding—in collaboration with faculty and classified staff—the overall strategic direction of their departments’ positioning and messaging.

Website Editors Guide Adherence

All web content must adhere towebsite best practices and accessibility guidelines. The Web Team has full access to all areas of the SCC website and has broad authority to oversee, edit, and remove or revise content that does not adhere to the style guidelines.

The Webmaster will contact editors of sites or pages who do not follow the principles outlined in the SCC Website Editors Guide. Editors will be given 10 business days to make specified changes. The Webmaster will work with editor to outline a plan, and offer assistance. If editors cannot make the needed changes in the allotted time frame, the Webmaster will complete them.

Content Reviews and Updates

The Webmaster regularly reviews SCC website content. If content needs to be edited, the Webmaster will work with the site editor to establish an update plan. If the content owner is unresponsive, the Webmaster may make any needed changes and inform the site editor.

Course and Course Program Listings

To comply with accreditation rules and regulations, all course, degree, and certificate program listings must be copied from SOCRATES using the current Catalog-status Course Outline of Record, or if making updates in spring, using future-dated outlines. Program page updates must correspond to the new catalog. Courses must reflect information from the official Course Outline of Record. Web page updates should be made in spring in coordination with the new Catalog distribution or posting on the Catalog web pages.

If the Webmaster discovers a page to have program descriptions that are inconsistent with the official outlines, she/he will remove the descriptions and notify the content owner that updates are needed.

Any Career Technical Education (CTE) certificate program of 16 or more units must include a link to Gainful Employment Disclosures, maintained on the Los Rios District Office website. In the event that there is no disclosure information, the link will be redirected to a temporary information page until an official district page is developed. Development time for an official page may be up to one year for new certificate programs.

Training and Education

Authors and editors must complete basic WordPress training before being granted access to the SCC website. The web master will communicate about new training opportunities as those become available. Upon notification of updates, it is the user’s responsibility to remain up-to-date on training. Future trainings may be formal, informal, one-to-one, or web-enhanced. Authors and editors may request one-on-one training via email.

Logos and Branding

The official SCC logo is the only visual identity system that may be used on SCC websites. The existing SCC logos and branding may not be altered and no new SCC logos may be created. In some instances, co-branded department logos may be created in coordination with the Public Information Office. Logos may be downloaded from the Public Information Office website.

Major Projects and Initiatives

Major projects, such as site redesigns, significant content changes, and new site launches must be completed in conjunction with and at the oversight of the Web Team. Such requests will processed by the Web Team and reviewed by the Web Governance Committee. To initiate this process, email Dawn Pedersen at

Site Traffic Analytics

SCC uses Google Analytics to measure traffic to the all SCC subsites. Editors may request a report from the webmaster. The webmaster uses analytics data to help make decisions about website content, navigation, and architecture.