Weekly Posts

SCC’s 411 for Success was created to provide students with strategies for college success, to keep updated with important information, and to stay connected to the campus!

Visit the website every week to read a new post!

Week 1: “What to do next now that the first week is almost over.” This post outlines 20 important things that students need to do next – such as officially enrolling into their classes with permission numbers, paying fees, reading their syllabi, showing up to classes, buying or finding textbooks, and activating their imail accounts.

Week 2: “Time for tutoring.”  This post encourages students to sign up for tutoring early in the semester to avoid struggling in classes.

Week 3: “Student Support Services.”  This post encourages students to access all services available on campus including Financial Aid, Counseling, EOPS, Veterans Resource Center, Library Resource Center, and RISE.

Week 4: “Get your STUDY on!”  This post provides students with tips and strategies for improving their study habits.  Students are encouraged to read the additional links to help improve skills in note-taking, creating study groups, avoiding procrastination, and goal setting.

Week 5:  “It was due yesterday?!?!?!”  This post encourages students to read every syllabus for each class and to keep a planner or calendar to record important assignments, exam dates, and projects.

Week 6:  “Keeping up with the graduates.”  This post reminds students to utilize counseling services on campus.  Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to discuss their educational goals.

Week 7:  “Motivation Boot Camp.”  This post provides tips and strategies on how to stay motivated throughout the semester.

Week 8:  “Get ready for midterms.”  This post encourages students to review the study skills strategies available on the website, particularly on test taking strategies and test anxiety.

Week 9:  “What your professors expect from you in college.”  This post provides important advice from instructional faculty on how to succeed in their courses.  Professors from different disciplines share what they expect from students in their classrooms.

Week 10:  “College life at SCC.”  This post encourages students to participate in campus activities such as joining a club, attending workshops, and meeting new friends.

Week 11:  “Civility – Respect Yourself!”  This post reminds students about classroom behaviors, having integrity, and being respectful.

Week 12: “Creating a new class schedule.”  This post prepares students for the upcoming registration period.  Students are encouraged to follow their educational planners, to meet with a counselor, to focus on required courses (such as math and English), and to understand graduation and transfer requirements.

Week 13: “Just do it!”  This post encourages students to avoid procrastination and to start working on projects and assignments that will be due in just a few short weeks.

Week 14:  “Selecting your major is a major decision.”  This post provides tips and strategies for selecting a college major.  Students are also encouraged to start thinking about their future career goals and how their major plays a role with that.

Week 15:  “Finals are finally approaching.”  Students are reminded that the end of the semester is coming up quickly and that preparations need to be made before finals weeks approach.

Week 16:  “You did it!”  Before the semester ends, students are given a check list on how to finish the semester and how to prepare for the start of the new one.  The post also congratulates students on completing their first semester in college!