Do I really start school on a SATURDAY?!

The Fall 2017 semester officially begins on a SATURDAY…yes, a Saturday…but not necessarily for you!

If you signed up for a class that meets on Saturdays, then you will start school on Saturday, August 19th.

But, if you signed up for a class that meets on another day of the week – such as Monday or Tuesday – then you show up on that day…not on Saturday.

Although the first day of each class may be hectic with professors checking their rosters and students trying to add from the wait list, you must still come PREPARED!  This means that you should have a notebook and pen to take notes, print your assessment results or transcripts to verify prerequisites, and carry folders to keep all of your syllabi from getting lost.  Don’t be surprised if your professors jump right into the textbook readings or assign homework…this is a learning environment!

Helpful tip:  Since the campus will be open on Saturday, August 19th, it might be helpful to visit SCC to locate student parking, to find your classrooms, and to purchase your textbooks.  You can actually even do this NOW since the campus has been open throughout the summer months!  Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your parking permit, get your Student Access Card, and submit your important Financial Aid documents.