Visit the Career Center! (11/30)

a man male student at Sacramento City CollegeDo you remember your first job?  It might have been babysitting your younger siblings, delivering newspapers before the break of dawn, or washing your neighbors’ cars.

Ok…so you didn’t have to complete a W-2 or file taxes with the government, but it was such a great feeling when you were handed your first “paycheck” – even if the amount was only $10.

Now that you are all grown up, you are most likely preparing yourself to enter a CAREER after you have completed your college journey at Sacramento City College.  A “career” is far different than a “job”… a career is a long-term profession that you have chosen to pursue in your life through special training or education.  A career involves the use of the skills, expertise, and knowledge that you learned in-and-out of the classrooms.

Many students don’t realize that Sacramento City College has a CAREER CENTER!  The Career Center is a place where you can explore different career paths, use computers for career research, and browse through books that focus on specific career interests.  The Career Center staff can show you how to navigate through cool websites – such as the California Career Café and Eureka!

link to more information about the career center

The Career Center is located inside the Counseling Department in Rodda North.