New Student Information

Planning for college isn’t the same as planning for your weekend.

For example, if you decide to go to the movies on a Saturday afternoon, the process is pretty simple:  you can get in line 5 minutes before show time, buy a ticket, find an open seat , and – voila! – you are entertained for a good hour and a half.  Then, once the movie is over, that’s it…you’re not given an assignment nor are you given a grade.  The movie attendant won’t even take roll to make sure that you are seated before the trailers begin!

For college, the strategies above will NOT work…you simply cannot show up to campus minutes before class begins (you should have enrolled weeks and weeks ago!), wait to pay the fees until that day (you have probably been dropped already!), casually find an open seat (classes are full!), and expect to be entertained (college is a learning environment meant to be taken seriously!).  And, yes, once class is over, you WILL get an assignment and you WILL get graded!

So, if you are planning to enroll at Sacramento City College, here are some important steps to follow BEFORE the semester actually begins:

Step 1:  Application and Admissions – Getting Started

To be admitted to any of the Los Rios colleges, you must first complete the online application.  You will be issued a Student ID number, which you will use many times during your journey at SCC.

Step 2:  Orientation – Getting Acquainted

Orientation provides valuable information on programs and services offered at the Los Rios colleges. The orientation is online and you will be given access within 24 hours of completing the application.

Step 3:  Assessment – Getting Placed

The assessments will help place you into the level of math, reading, and writing that you are ready for.  Visit the Assessment Center website to check test dates and to review the study guides.

Step 4:  Counseling – Getting Guidance

Counselors will be available at the New Student Counseling Workshop to help you choose the right classes toward your educational goal.  All new students must participate in this workshop before they can meet with a counselor one-on-one.  Contact the Counseling Office at 916-558-2204 to sign up for the New Student Counseling Workshop.  Students will complete a one-semester iSEP (student education plan) during the workshop.

Step 5:  Financial Aid – Getting Help

If you need assistance with completing the FAFSA or BOGW, visit the Financial Aid Lab located in Business Building 153.  Apply as soon as possible to determine if you are eligible to receive financial assistance with books, enrollment fees, transportation and more.

Step 6:  Enrollment/Registration – Getting In

Log onto eServices to check your registration date and time.  You can enroll in classes online, in the eServices Registration Lab (Business Building 153), or in person at Admission and Records.

Step 7:  Student Services and Student Access Card

Once you are officially enrolled and have paid all tuition fees, you can get your Student Access Card.  The Student Access Card can be used as your official college ID, Regional Transit pass, college library card, and GoPrint card.