The Assessments

Let’s pretend that you are taking a test…

How would you respond to each scenario?

(A) I am focused and will take the test seriously! OR (B) I am only taking the test because someone told me that I had to!

(A) I am totally prepared for the test! OR (B) The only thing that I am prepared for is the weekend!

(A) OMG!  I can’t wait to see my test results! OR (B) LOL!  Are these results for real?

You selected statement (A) to each scenario, right?

As a new student at Sacramento City College, one of the first things that you will do after orientation is to complete the assessment processPlease realize the importance of the assessment process because the tests will be used to place you into the subject level that you are ready for.  You don’t want to mess around…the last thing that you want to do is get placed into a class that is too easy for you or too difficult.  There have been many instances when students have hurried through the questions or skipped them altogether without realizing the consequences of their actions.

There are three different assessment tests that are offered free of charge to students: Math, English, and English as a Second Language.  And don’t worry…the assessment tests are not “pass” or “fail.”  Rather, you will be given a placement based on your results.  For example, a student who completes a Math assessment test can be placed anywhere from Self-Paced Math to Calculus.

Before you take any of the assessment tests, here are a few tips to consider:

Review the study guide.  There is a study guide available online through the Assessment Center webpage.  The study guide includes sample questions on sentence skills, reading comprehension, and algebra.

Know which assessment tests you have to take.  Did you only prepare for English and then suddenly felt faintish when you found out that you had to take the Math assessment as well?  Before you arrive to the Assessment Center, make sure you know which tests you have to take so that you can review and study ahead of time.

Give yourself time to complete the tests.  Many students don’t realize that they may need up to an hour and a half to complete both the Math and English tests.  Don’t rush yourself to take both tests if your ride is picking you up in 20 minutes!  You may have to do the Math test on one day and the English test on another.

Take the tests when you are ready.  Just because you completed the online application in the eServices Lab, that doesn’t mean that you have to rush to the Assessment Center that same hour to complete the tests.  Putting that pressure on yourself may make you nervous, so be aware that you can always return another day to take the assessment tests.  (But don’t wait too long!!!)

Don’t compare your results to anyone else’s.  Just because your best friend placed into English Writing 101 and EngRd 110 doesn’t mean that you have to, also.  Do your best job without worrying that you placed higher or lower than anyone else.  We all have different levels of math, reading, and writing skills and there are support services on campus – such as tutoring – to assist all students.

Know when tests are offered on campus.  If you get test anxiety easily, don’t arrive to campus at 8:00 a.m. if the first assessment test isn’t offered until 9:00 a.m.  Although it is great to have the unexpected hour to continue studying, coming at the wrong time may make you even more anxious!

Know what is allowed during the assessment tests.  That’s great that you arrived to the Assessment Office prepared with your calculator, dictionary, thesaurus, and iPad (just in case you needed to google tips for writing an essay).  WRONG!  Unfortunately, none of these tools are allowed.  But, we would like to you bring the following:  1) a picture ID and 2) your student ID number!

For more information, please go to the Assessment Center website.