Civility – Respect Yourself!

Civility is the act of being polite, kind, and courteous.

Well, what it comes down to is this:  Be Respectful.

That means be respectful to others, to your environment, and – most importantly, to YOURSELF.  With that said, there is a code of conduct that students are expected to follow as it relates to behaviors and attitudes.

The civility campaign was started to ensure that SCC is a safe place for students to learn, to seek personal growth, and to celebrate diversity.  There is absolutely NO TOLERANCE for students who choose to engage in inappropriate behaviors or activities.

Here are some examples of the code of conduct

  • no cheating
  • no plagiarism
  • no weapons
  • no drugs or alcohol
  • no gambling
  • no smoking (within 30 feet of entrances)
  • no animals
  • no fundraising or selling

There are consequences for students who do not follow the code of conduct.  These consequences can range anywhere from being dropped from a class, receiving a substandard grade in a class, being expelled from college, or even being arrested.

Remember that you are here at Sacramento City College for a reason: to create a better future through knowledge and education. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted or influenced by others who do not support your goals.  As an SCC student, we have high expectations of you because you are an important part of this campus community.