Cheating and Plagiarism

There are occasions when we “cheat” and, fortunately for us, the impact of it isn’t that big of a deal.  For example, we have all cheated on our promise to eat more healthy…we open the freezer with a spoon in hand and pull out the chocolate chip ice cream.

But, then there are times when we CHEAT and the outcome is significant…it changes our lives and the paths on which we were once headed.  An example of this is cheating in college or engaging in plagiarism.  Cheating and plagiarism are not tolerated at Sacramento City College nor is it acceptable behavior at any institution.  This is known as academic dishonesty and the consequences are serious:  failing an assignment or test, being dropped from a class, losing a scholarship, being pulled out of a special program, or suspension (and not just from SCC, but from the entire district!).

What is cheating and plagiarism?

Cheating can include any of the following behaviors:  copying a classmate’s homework, sneaking in notes or using your cell phone to look up answers for an exam, or asking a classmate for the answers.

Plagiarism is using the words or text of another person without properly citing the work.  An example of this is copying and pasting information from the internet for a research paper without making any references to the original author.

Additionally, it is important to know that there is usually more than one student that is involved in cheating or plagiarism.  Even though you may have worked hard to complete your assignment or to do well on an exam, if you provide information or answers to another student, then you have also participated in academic dishonesty.  Sometimes you might feel pressured by other students to hand over your assignments, but you have to remember that, by agreeing to do it, you place your own education in jeopardy.  Students must learn to be responsible and to be prepared, so, although it may seem like you are “helping” your classmate, you are actually doing the complete opposite.