You have to pay to stay!

It was there 14 days ago in eServices…a full schedule of classes every morning with plenty of time to head to work in the afternoon.

It was all strategically planned out so PERFECTLY.

And then suddenly all of your classes are GONE…they have DISAPPEARED…WIPED AWAY from your schedule because you forgot to pay your fees.


Once you enroll into your classes, you have a 14-day period to pay your fees either online or in person.  If not, you will be dropped from all enrolled courses.  (NOTE:  If you have a fee waiver, your tuition is covered.)

And here’s another thing to remember:  The 14-day period no longer applies once the semester begins.  Once the semester has started, enrollment fees are due the day of enrollment. This is true even if you are enrolling in a late-start class or from a wait list.

And, unfortunately, making a payment doesn’t get your schedule back…once you are dropped from a class, that lucky student that is first in line on the wait list will get your newly vacated spot.  You will have to start over again with finding any open classes or wait lists.

Aside from the enrollment fee of $46 per unit, you will also have to pay the UTP (Universal Transit Pass) fee that allows use of public transportation.  This fee is added when you enroll for classes and the fees range from $5.54 to $16.62 per semester based on your units.  The BOG fee waiver does not exclude you from the UTP fees, but will allow for a discount.

For more information, visit the Fees and Payment link.