Have you had your HCD yet?

As a new student, you are encouraged to enroll into an HCD class during your first year of college.

So, what is HCD?  HCD stands for “Human Career Development” (not “Happy Counselors Day!”) and there are a variety of courses to help students identify their educational goals, to improve study skills, and to gain self-confidence. The classes are taught by counselors (such as Tony Davis to the left!) who encourage students to stay motivated and focused throughout their college journey.

The goal of HCD courses is to help students learn valuable skills to succeed in college, in their personal lives, and within their chosen careers.  Students will discuss important topics that focus on personal and life development such as lifelong learning, effective communication skills, and self-awareness.  Oftentimes, students complete their HCD courses with a new perspective on their studies, a new understanding of themselves, and a new direction that they may have never considered.  The courses are taught in different ways including group activities, lecture/discussion, guest speakers, and class presentations.

Your college experience doesn’t just start and end in the classroom…there are outside factors – such as work, family, and relationships – that also affects your success in college.  HCD courses can help students to create a healthy and positive balance within their many responsibilities.

Here are few examples of HCD courses offered at SCC:

HCD 83 – Diagnostic Learning in English/HCD 85 – Diagnostic Learning in Math

Learning math and English can be difficult even in a traditional classroom environment.  These courses will help students to improve in areas – such as reading, spelling, and math – through self-paced instruction.  Students with learning disabilities are encouraged to take these classes for additional support and assistance.

HCD 110 – Building Foundations for Success

This course satisfies the Life Development Skills requirement in the AA/AS GE pattern and is ideal for students who may have assessed into basic skills writing and/or reading levels.  The goal of the class is to help students learn strategies to succeed in college, to balance their personal lives, and to understand how to navigate through college by learning about support programs.

HCD 116 – Orientation to College

This is a short-term course to help students adjust successfully to college life.  Topics of discussion include college requirements, college standards, and student support services.

HCD 310 – College Success

This course is transferable to both the CSU and UC systems.  The course is ideal for students who want to engage in personal growth and development in areas such as personal responsibility, motivation and discipline, lifelong learning, and goal setting.  This course may require reflective journals, presentations, and group activities.

HCD 318 – Transfer Making it Happen

This course is ideal for students who are planning to transfer to a four-year university and want to participate in college trips.  Aside from learning about transfer requirements, students also have the opportunity to visit and tour public and private California universities.

HCD 330 – Life and Career Planning

If you are undecided about your educational goal and need help, then this course is for you.  You will have the opportunity to reflect on your strengths, talents, skills, life experiences, and interests to identify a major and career goal that will be self-fulfilling.