Permission numbers

You arrived to class on time, waited patiently as the instructor read names on the roster, and then crossed your fingers when the wait list was pulled out.

And, at that precise moment when your name was called out, it was like you had won the lottery!  So, now that you have your permission number, what do you do with it?

As soon as you get your permission number, log onto eservices and add the class onto your schedule.  Don’t lose that number and don’t share it with your friends…that number is unique and can only be used once.  If you misplace your permission number, you will need to ask your instructor for another one.

Also, there is only a small window of time when you can add a class.  Usually, you have until the end of the second week of the semester to officially add a class through eServices or the Admissions Office.  Once that deadline has passed, you will need to submit a late add petition which then requires signatures from your instructor and the Dean of that department.

If you are participating in a special program – such as EOPS – or qualify to receive a financial aid grant, then it becomes even more important to add your course(s) right away.  You may become ineligible to participate in special programs or may not receive your full grant if your transcript does not reflect your entire class schedule.

Getting a permission number means that the instructor was able to add students to the class based on the number of students that showed up (or didn’t show up!) and availability of seats.  With budget cuts and a decrease of course offerings, many students have been turned away and have not been as fortunate to get permission numbers.  So, being one of the lucky ones, make sure to do your best in the class!

If you need assistance using your permission number, visit the Admissions Office in Rodda North or stop by the Registration Lab in Business Building 153.