The class was so full, I never even got on the list!

You were hoping for a green circle – maybe even a gold triangle – but those darn blue squares just keep popping up.  (If you’ve logged onto eServices to complete a “class search,” you know exactly what I am talking about!)

If the semester hasn’t started yet, continue to log onto eservices EVERY DAY or every time you are on the computer.  Just because a class is closed today, that doesn’t mean that a spot on the wait list won’t open up tomorrow.

Unfortunately, students will be dropped from classes if they don’t pay their fees on time.  Fortunately for you, that is the opportunity to grab that opening on the wait list.  Then, make sure to check your status on a regular basis because once you get enrolled, you will need to pay your fees.  If you don’t, then you will also get dropped.  (And that spot that you vacated will be gone in a nanosecond!)

And, as you are completing a “class search” on eServices, look for the wait list with the least number of students.  For example, one wait list may have 17 students on it, but the same class at a different time may only have 5 students on it.  But, be careful as you search for classes… sometimes the wait lists with the least number of students may be located at an outreach center (West Sacramento or Davis), may be on a weekend, or may be really early in the morning.  If you get on the wait list and eventually get added into that class, you will need to commit to driving to the outreach centers, taking classes on Saturday or Sunday, or getting up super early to take the 7:00 a.m. class for the next 16 weeks!

But if the semester has already started, then you will need a new strategy!  At this point, you will not be able to add any classes on eServices even if one suddenly opens.  Most likely, you will see the words “instructor consent required” and that means you will need to physically attend class on the first day of the semester to find out if the instructor is handing out permission numbers.

Please be patient…it may seem like every class is full of students, but you never know what can happen unless you diligently show up to class.