Take community college SERIOUSLY!

Take your journey at Sacramento City College seriously!

Your journey at SCC is an important stepping stone towards admission to a university and towards an exciting career.  What you choose to do at SCC can make a significant impact in your future…and we want it to be a good one!

With less course offerings and competition to get into classes, it is important to START STRONG and to FINISH STRONGER.

Here are some important tips to create a successful experience at SCC:

Get it out of your mind – right now! – that this is a continuation of high school.  Community College is not grade 13th.  Sacramento City College offers outstanding education for a low price…the same type of education that you would get at the university level to complete your lower division coursework.  Our faculty are professionals in their fields and experts on the subjects that you are learning.  Many students attend SCC to fulfill lower division general education and major requirements before transferring successfully to a university.

Know which classes to take…and know why you are taking them!  SCC offers hundreds of classes and picking out what you need for your educational goal can be confusing.  It is important to know which classes to take for general education, major requirements, and electives if needed.  There should be a purpose in the classes you select so that you are motivated to do your best.  You don’t want to randomly select classes and realize later on that you didn’t need them.  Every semester that you complete should take you closer to your ultimate goal.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t hide your transcript.  Many students don’t realize that their transcripts will follow them.  The grades that you receive – whether you like it or not – are a permanent notation on your records.  If you don’t take your classes seriously and receive a failing grade, there is no way to delete, erase, or hide that.  Aside from that, if you were lucky enough to get a seat in the class, thank your lucky stars and do your best work.  The units and grades that you earn at Sacramento City College will determine whether or not you get into the university of your choice.  The better your grades are, the more competitive you become as you seek employment and/or decide on transfer.   

Read the first 50 pages of the college catalog.  This may not be the most exciting task, but it is important.  The first 50 pages of the college catalog includes information that you need to know:  how to calculate your GPA, how to apply for academic renewal, the process for repeating courses, information on student support services, prerequisites, financial aid, and so on.  And when you are done with that, navigate through the college website for more details and updated information.

Don’t hold off on Math and English.  Unfortunately, holding off on completing your Math and English requirements can set you back on your graduation or transfer goal.  You may have a perfect GPA of 4.00 and have 60 units of transferable courses, but if you haven’t successfully fulfilled your Math and English requirements, you may have set yourself back another 2-3 (or more!) semesters.  Regardless of your major, you will need to complete Math and English.  One of the benefits of completing your English Writing and English Reading is that you are better prepared for other general education and major courses.

See a counselor at least once a semester.  We have over 25 counselors at Sacramento City College to help you with academic, career, and personal counseling.  Counselors can be found in many areas of Student Services including: General Counseling, EOPS, RISE, International Student Center, Transfer Center, and CalWORKs.  Find a counselor that feel comfortable talking to and can connect with.  This person will be a source of support and motivation to help you accomplish your goals.

Utilize support services on campus.  Who doesn’t like free help?!?!?  Every service that is offered on campus is FREE, FREE, FREE!  That means that the Career Center can help you revise your resume for FREE, a counselor can help you create an educational planner for FREE, the Math Lab tutor can help you for FREE, and the Work Experience office can help you find an internship for FREE.  The SCC website offers information on all of the programs available for students and how you can access these services…for FREE!

Don’t get stuck repeating classes over and over again.  There is no bigger satisfaction than completing a class successfully during the first attempt!  But, unfortunately, circumstances come up and sometimes it becomes hard to avoid a “W” or a substandard grade.  But, as you re-enroll for a class, be aware that there is a NEW RULE that allows students to REPEAT A CLASS ONLY THREE TIMES.  After the third attempt, you will no longer be able to repeat the same class.  To avoid this, make sure that you use support services on campus (such as tutoring), plan ahead, and, if needed, reduce your unit load to focus on your studies.  We want you to make progress every semester toward your graduation and/or transfer goal.

Avoid probation and the dreaded dismissal.  It is important to stay in good academic standing every semester.  This means earning a 2.00 GPA or higher and completing all classes without withdrawals, no pass, and incompletes on your transcript.  There are two types of probation: academic probation and progress probation.  Dismissal occurs when students are on probation for three semesters.  Once you are on dismissal, you will have to sit out one semester and submit a petition to return to Los Rios.  Don’t take this as a form of punishment…we want to make sure that students are focused, committed, and understand the importance of their education.

Behave in college as you would behave at your job.  Your goal at work is to not to get fired, right?  So, it is safe to assume that because you don’t want to get fired, you behave responsibly: you arrive to work on time, complete your tasks, and follow the rules.  College should be treated the same way.  No – you won’t ever get “fired” from college, but there are situations when you may get dropped from a class, get placed on probation, or be asked to attend a disciplinary hearing because you didn’t arrive to class on time, didn’t complete your assignments, or didn’t follow the student code of conduct.  Unlike a job, college doesn’t give you a paycheck at the end of each month, but you do get the satisfaction of getting good grades at the end of each semester and progressing with your educational goals.